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Key- Concept Of Business Plannings 2021

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Business is a flow of human life; people struggle to earn the right set of money. Education has a direct- relationship with the business. Education aids with the power of knowledge that helps you make specialization in one aspect and have a considerable skill- set for the company. 

Another important aspect that business aids are having the right set of plannings for a business before making the decision. Facing problem in developing the business plan. We at Facts and Figs aid you with the right knowledge of making business plans.


Our purpose is to create a different taste among all age groups and set examples of the town’s best customer service provider. We ensure making the best possible way makes our customer satisfied with our mouth-watering flavours of pizzas and makes them delighted, which becomes a word of mouth marketing from our customer.


Our restaurant setup would be crafted and decorated with the theme of fast-food chains. The lighting will be soft, all-glass are covered with our logo. Customer will be given a warm welcome and overwhelming response from our staff from their entrance to exit. Our staff are highly trained to be polite and helpful in placing an order or encouraging and persuading customers who are reluctant to try new flavours. We provide different Variety of flavours of supreme quality of bread and an extra topping of their own choice. We also ensure the hygiene of our staff, restaurant and customers. Our open kitchen door policy is available for the customer to walk and provide the hygienic food they are being served.

Our staffs are trained to entertain our customer to feel superior every time they walked in.

Gap Dashboard

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We have set the standard to measure our performances related to our personal, business, tactical and strategic targets goals. We have achieved our targets by having an income of more than 0.5 million in the first year, which increased to 610k in the following year and another 20% by 2021. We have linked our sales forecast and actual table to track gaps in individual service purchase more closely.

Our sales were more then we budgeted, and they crossed 1.1m in the first year, followed by our forecasted growth in the consecutive years. Profit and loyal customers have also increased as per our expectation by more than 25% & 30% respectively.

Tactical Goals

Our tactical goal to reduce complaints by 30% also looks in progress, and we have achieved the desired results. Our quality and customer services ensure that the protests are resolved and reduced as per our goals.

Expanding a business is every entrepreneur dream; we have been projected to grow our business from one outlet to 2 more outlets by the end of 2021. Our financials are strong enough to open another outlet in the next year without much of cash deficiencies.

Ideal Customer:

Our ideal customer is whom most of the sales rely on, and it is discussed in detail.

  • College and universities students. They go for a lunch break with friends.
  • Families who live nearby in the area can dine in and have good experience on weekends or at-home delivery.
  • Working officials nearby.
  • Women and housewife who sometimes do not prefer cooking at home.

Market Description:

We marketers create value from customer and receive a discount from them in terms of the product’s price. We are launching a new product of pizza and ensuring to bring our taste and quality according to customers’ perceived standards. Our business location tacks to the DHA Phase 5 Karachi.

Every business setup does not guarantee success, and nor every investment guarantees return. It is essential to understand the industry’s dynamics. The business is stepping in; knowing your customer, your competitors are necessary for your business’s survival.

Our product lines in undifferentiated marketing strategy. So in this part, we will be

Summarizing our market description in the industry, we are about to step in:


We are initiating and about to launch our business in the city of lights Karachi. At a prominent location which is the famous food street of defence commercial area Badar.


Twisted topping significant market segment is youth, but apart from working people like professionals, middle class, high-income groups can easily spend money on eating pizzas. The leading age group would be from 12-40 years.


Our psychographic segment includes food lovers and foodie people and more family-oriented to spend their quality time on weekends or private occasions. So we ensure a right sitting environment for our customer to feel superior and comfortable, so we have separate seating arrangements for smokers and non-smokers so everyone would have a great experience to have dine-in at our place.


Twisted topping will focus on the customer’s behaviour when he walked into the restaurant. Fast service, good quality, sitting arrangement or pocket-friendly deals, which he prefers according to his mood and time-space. We also have a separate play area to enjoy themselves with their favourite kid’s meals.

Remarkable Difference:

Customer satisfaction is the key to any business’s success and maintaining a profitable long-term relationship with your customer in Order, creating value for them and receiving value in terms of price from them.

We ensure the best customer service with good quality hygienic food for the customer. We hire staff that are well trained in dealing with customer and have professional skills in customer relation. We ensure our staff’s hygiene from lower to higher authorities, and special care is taken for the kitchen staff. We reward our team for their remarkable performance and excellent customer service as they create a bring customer to know us very well and maintain a healthy, profitable relationship.

Final Thought

Currently, the competition in our city and the area where we are located is relatively high. We are surrounded by our competitors who are doing well in this field, so we have set strategies to prove ourselves different and most preferable for the customer with our marketing and finance teams.

Some plans are given below, which is entirely customer-oriented are given below:

  • Variety of new flavour pizza like pickle flavour with a thin crust.
  • Hygiene ambience
  • Open-kitchen door policy
  • Order will be served within 20 minutes after the placement of the Order.
  • Play area for kids
  • Separate arrangements for parties.
  • Mid-night deals on discounted price.
  • Having an opportunity to select your toppings with no additional charges
  • MIS for customers
  • Free drink refills
  • All the events will be followed from the lunar calendar and the English calendar, and design the theme accordingly.
  • Some promotional deals would be introduced to make your festival unique and memorable.
  • Loyalty card system for our loyal customer, so as much their points are added they will enjoy the discounts on their meal.

Moreover, making the business plan. you also get the skill sets of exploring the Online Business Tools which make your long- hour duration work aligned and completed in the short- term.

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