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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Explore the Fabulous Lakes of Kashmir

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Lakes of Kashmir: The trek to Kashmir excellent lakes trek offers a beauty that is similar to a dream, the characteristic the lakes take is the silent thunder in them.

The eight-day long trek starts in Sonmarg and ends at Narnag. A three-hour driveway will take you to your base camp in Sonmarg out of Srinagar, from where we’ll embark upon the calm sojourn through the dense forests.

The terrain has a dynamic offering, from muddy platforms to rocky roads, from lush green paths to the carpet of blossoms and a lot more surprising transformations. Aside from solid earth, you may experience numerous stream crossing sections that will tickle your toes with the ice-cold water. This valley’s various trekking experiences, close encounters with nature, and harmony are what allows it “heaven on earth.”

This trek covers 7 main lakes – Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Yamsar, Gangabal, and Nundkol. The trek includes a low to light elevation, just tougher part is that the ascent on the fifth afternoon on the way to Gadsar Lake via Gadsar Pass. Gadsar Walk stands tall at 13,700 ft.

With a stunning view which will surely make its permanent place in your cupboard of memories. As the title of the trek suggests, the majority of the camps will be put on the banks of the roads. The night-time skies and heavenly water bodies will surely fulfil and revive you from the tiring day-trek.

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Your trek will end once you return to Narnag in the campground close to the Gangabal Twin Lakes, from where a drive will return you to Srinagar.

Kashmir great lakes altitude is 13,750 Ft. The Himalayan range, the snow-capped mountains, and the vast landscape stand out in the entire Kashmir excellent lakes trek.

As Kashmir is your paradise on the earth so it does not have any doubt that you will have an ultimate adventure on the Kashmir great lakes trek that will for sure be unforgettable.

The Himalayan range that’s nestled in India offers the most astonishing view when it is about hiking in India, Kashmir great lakes trek needs a decent physical fitness centre since it is rated to become moderate hence a trekker need to maintain fantastic care of their own body.

The trek is of 8 days, begins from Sonamarg and ends on Naranag after that the drive to Srinagar from where you go towards your home and you cannot deny the simple fact that hiking in Jammu and Kashmir is wonderful.

Could it be appropriate for children’s?

The trek is favourable for boys’ and girls’ age above 15, as the difficulty level is higher than average.

Can it be a good option for first time trekkers or families?

Somehow, this Himalayan trek is graded as the medium trek therefore that it depends upon the person and the fitness of the person through can be an advocate to the first-timers having a fit body.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is 13,750 feet above sea level. One can reach the maximum altitude is dependent on the topic of his endurance, and other conditions such as climate, fever, The trek will open up the Great Lakes and on the higher elevation, everything will appear so mesmerizing.

What that one needs to remember is to have proper medication together at the higher elevation, though we supply every possible thing it is always better to maintain your medications by your wellness, Hydration is the most important when you will trek into the higher altitude, so keep your body hydrated while hiking.

Season: Kashmir Great Lakes Trek:

Kashmir Great Lakes trek best season is in July and August; a conclusion to this admirable destination could be projected between these months since the destination glows the most, whereas in winters this resplendent destination is wrapped into the blanket of snow in these months one can behold the snow in abundance.

The Destination delivers a splendid perspective; the landscape is beyond imagination, the gigantic hills wrapped with snow looks mesmerizing. Nature’s splendour has filled my soul. Trekking in Kashmir can be the best experience of the season, and hiking to the Great Lakes of Kashmir is no exception doubt a beautiful one.

Average Temperature:

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek One should bring enough set of clothes and greater quality hiking boots so that a trekker can be covered thoroughly and doesn’t face any difficulty during the remain at this temperatures.

There is a vast difference in the mountain temperature, also if it about the trek to Kashmir Great Lakes, so it may be possible that one can experience a little difficulty during acclimatization. It’s essential to bring all hot clothing, which may not even affect the backpack too much.

What makes this Trek distinct?

Kashmir Great Lake Trek is settled in an elevation of 13,750 Ft. Kashmir excellent lakes have become the most fantastic trek that offers the unusual mix of breath-taking adventure and fun, the whole voyage of Great Lakes isn’t only about the It is not only attractive, but it is also heaven in and of itself, as it helps one to forget about the outside world and get lost in nature.

Kashmir is a state in India. When combined with trekking in Kashmir, the Great Lakes Trek is a sublime trek unlike any other. Kashmir is the paradise of the world, and it has everything beauty that’s beyond one’s imagination, and there is no doubt that the destination is completely entrancing, the Himalayas will be the shelter for India, such as this hiking in India in the most popular.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes you through the massive mountains and opens up the perspective of lush green meadows, capped mountains, and adventure of time and the stunning view all through the way it won’t keep you silent by any stretch of the imagination; rather every vista towards Kashmir great lakes will induce one to reach it whenever possible.

The wellsprings that flow downwards and converge with streams throughout the way along with the snow applauded mountains, alongside the spectacle in the whole voyage will be treated with each trekker’s natural gifts in their eyes.

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