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Islam – A complete code of life

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slam – A complete code of life

As a traveller, a Muslim and a blogger, I came across many lifestyles. I observe keenly every culture and because of my curiosity, I always stuck between a few things. Well, recently I planned my Umrah by booking some cheap Umrah Packages with a well-renowned company. People were very nice and no doubt they provided an amazing service throughout the tour. Anyways, moving on the journey, as I was around the whole Muslim community performing Umrah, worshipping Allah with their best interest. I was in haram preparing for Nawafil, I saw little kids playing over there. Parents were trying to stop them and asking to respect the place. It was a great moment; this reminds me of the relation of the Prophet (PBUH) with his grandchildren Hassan and Hussain (R.A). they used to irritate him, disturb him during the prayer by climbing on his shoulder and he respected their childhood. It was an innocence and it is always pure.  

It is one of the best examples to talk about the lifestyle that Islam promotes. I have seen it on various occasions that people are too serious when it comes to religion. Having faith doesn’t make you less entertaining or limit the fun of life. See the innocence of a child, they live it fully and Allah (SWT) is always happy with them. You know it is because they are real, they don’t sin intentionally, they like to be honest and make every moment a fun.

Balanced life by following the code of life given by Islam

We have restricted Islam to the worship and prayers. In reality, it gives you a complete code of, our scholars may seem to shout while telling about the humbleness and kindness but you don’t have to follow them blindly. Islam is the religion of love, it teaches you peace and harmony, we have read the stories of Prophet (PBUH) guiding his worst enemies with kindness. He never planned a revenge even after facing all the baseless hatred. Just start it’s from the day, how you wake, managing your relationships, helping people around and doing your job with complete honesty. This is the Islam. It teaches you economical balance and also relationships balance. I see many people on the list of billionaires, they are not doing good with the family, people have the family and they are financially successful. It is all because we are the people living in fantasies. Yes, we focus on one thing and lead it to the extreme. Money and success are the needs while the family is another need. You just need to balance it properly.

Islam - A complete code of life 1

Now, if you’re looking for the answer about living a balanced life, Islam is the right answer. It has been telling the world about all exact living styles. Establishment of Madinah, battles, daily routine and a lot more is there to follow to live a balanced life.

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The whole life of Prophet (PBUH) is teaching us the lessons of life. Quran has mentioned almost all of the matters. Kids don’t follow any rules, they see and they become. The main purpose of mentioning the kid was to explain the purity of emotions. But their emotions don’t drag them out of the senses. They enjoy every moment, respect and fun are completely different factors. Just because you respect something or someone so you can’t enjoy them. This is not Islam because Islam is about balancing fun and respect in your lives.

However, you can choose the family Umrah Packages through the companies in the UK but don’t leave your kids behind. Let them play in the haram and enjoy the life. they don’t hurt anyone; in fact, they will have a chance of keenly observing all the things.

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