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A FUTURE TREND You can see the world moving fast in the technology used in daily life, where people are too much connect with them. These are called gadgets and the future trend for a wearable technology such as smart watches, shows us the daily routine to do and already done. There is a bad effect that we are totally getting depends on this wearable technology but the benefit is that it gives us the awareness of our health with daily updates.

Well, if you are using Samsung brand smartwatch then, for sure there are some Gear S2 apps you can use which great cutting –edge features. As stated by Statist, the quantity for wearable gadgets arrived in 2017 @ 453 million, Furthermore may be forecasted should scope 929 million till 2021. With the huge Development of the technology, we can anticipate wearable applications with turned into a fundamental; a piece will soon about our every day exists life.

As per the Rumors: Features of Smart wearable Future Trend

Let’s go further with these future trends which will give you the idea that how deep this wearable technology will go. This wearable technology is getting so advanced that this it will update so tiny like a bug attached inside the skin at your arms just like the place which Spiderman take out the threads of the web. This “Smart Capsule Bug” will update with your every single information which is recorded by the government such as following

#ID card: This capsule bugs will scan with every machine that asked for your ID card and tells your real identity.

#Professional: Your current jobs or you past jobs information will also be updated with this capsule bug which you can easily scan for any job interview, this will make the people stay paperless CV.

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#House address: You every property address will be updated in this Capsule bug which is also linked with the government, this will help you to never lose your property without your permission or ill-legal steal A FUTURE TREND .

#Personal mobile digits: This capsule bug also contains your mobile number registered with your personal ID that you will get all the necessary Messaged on this wearable technology A FUTURE TREND.

#Finger prints: This capsule bugs also have the records of your scanned figure prints that no other person can wear your capsule bug and even you are not able to scan the hand for fingerprints, just scan with the wrest records A FUTURE TREND.

#Eye retina: Your eyes every single detail will also be recorded in this smart Capsule bug that can scan your eye’s retina with the security machine that needs your eyes for the scan to verify your identity.

#Legal or illegal records: If you have any type of governments records that will also be updated automatically to your capsule bug. This will help you in future assistance, for any paper works A FUTURE TREND.

#Family details: You’re all family details records will be updated in this smart capsule when your capsule is connected with any scan machine that will tell the exact members of your family alive or dead.

#Medical condition: If you are getting any major attack, this smart capsule will tell you’re the accurate medical records which will help the doctor to assists fast instead of searching for your records in papers A FUTURE TREND.

#Identification mark: if anyone did the plastic surgery to change his face this smart capsule will identify his real identity by scanning the whole body with its smart microtechnology A FUTURE TREND.

These are some of the updates were rumors regarding the smart capsule bugs which will be attached to your wrist for lifelong since the birth time and this will automatically scan when a person will pass through every machine in the world.

If you think there are some more features will be added or any question related to this topic then comment us and we will discuss it with our viewers.

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