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Is the Tinder Harmful to Kids? – Mobile Tracker

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During quarantine times, we have seen a surge in tinder use. People got bored at home and wanted to socialize, but they couldn’t. Adults understand the reason behind this app usage, but grooming kids do not. 

Tinder is a dating app that permits users to swipe right and left to select or reject a date. When 2 users swipe right by checking their profile (photos or short bio), they get a chance to build a relationship with each other & start chatting. 

Adults Know Intention of The User Who Is Using Tinder but Does Our Teens Know?

Such dating apps are for adults but not for grooming kids. Now, under 18, users can create a profile and start chatting with strangers. 

Is Tinder Harmful for Kids? If Yes, Then Why?

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80% of Sexual Predators are active on social media apps because they find it easier to access teens. Dating apps are the easiest way to target grooming kids with their real aims. We have no idea how much dangerous the interaction between teens and sexual predators is. Such online users justify their sexual crimes through dating apps. They get the grooming kids involved in sexual abuse and make them do unwilling things by blackmailing them. 

Tinder gives suggestions according to the user’s close locations. So, why doesn’t a user meet up with an ideal partner in person? But what if your child and he/she is planning on meeting with a sexual predator?

Tinder Dating App Statistics 

50% of Tinder users share a fake identity and display someone else’s photos. 

28% of Users don’t feel safe because many people get involved in harassment.

40% of Users explained their experiences and revealed that Tinder is not for a serious relationship app but a temporary enjoyment.

40% of users say that Tinder is the hunting place.

How to Prevent Kids from Tinder Danger?  

Parents should not leave their kids alone in the digital world. Dating apps can lead them into a dark world where there is no coming back. Using phone tracking apps, they can ensure their safety. 

If we talk about Tinder, there are online matches based on the profiles swiping and the nearby locations. Such an app will let the sexual predators know the teens who live around them. They can invite your child outside. 

Parents should download the mobile tracker on their kid’s phone to locate them and receive the alerts.

How the Mobile Tracker App Works?

It requires installation on the target device, but the user must access the phone physically. Once you did it, the next step is to activate the mobile tracker app with the license key.

The end-user can monitor every activity through a user-friendly control panel. 

What Can Parents Do to Stop Kids Using Tinder App?

Download TheWiSpy on the kid’s phone and start monitoring. Many advanced features allow the end-user to restrict inappropriate apps, sites, content, etc. Parents can block the app store purchasing and uninstall any app with remote commands. 

Location-based services allow the end-user to check where your child is. Parents are allowed to set safe zones and receive alerts if the child goes to prohibited areas. 


After analysis, we will only say that Tinder is not for kids. No matter how much parents set the rules, but our grooming kids do whatever they want to. To ensure what they do online, download TheWiSpy mobile tracker app & have a watchful eye on your kids. If your child is on Tinder, uninstall the app at the very next moment because this app usage can break the wall between your child and a sexual predator.

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