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Is that cup of PG tips tea really healthy for you?

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Tea is one of the most popular hot beverages in the entire world. In the world of tea, PG Tips Tea is known by many people. There are a lot of good things about this brand, and h their uniquely designed Tea Boxis one of them. Many people are curious about whether it is good for them or not. So in this article, you are going to have your answer to this question. Follow below to learn about it in detail.

Helps fight obesity

The most commonly known benefit that these tea boxes hold inside them is their ability to fight obesity. In Japan, Kobe University did intensive research, which concluded that it helped with losing weight. And it may be beneficial for people that are looking to cure obesity. The tea helped with limiting the amount of weight gain even after consumption of high-fat foods. The experiment was conducted on mice, and those who just had water gained more weight as compared to the ones that just had tea. These results can be directly compared with humans as well. Many people that took this tea once or twice a day reported significant weight loss over the curse of 6 months.

Protection against heart diseases

As most people know that fatty foods can be a bad thing for their hearts. It is why tea came into being in the first place. The Dutch did a 13 and a half year-long intensive research on the benefits of this tea. The research included over forty thousand participants. The goal of the research was to measure the chances of people getting a heart attack that drink this tea regularly. The research was successful, and the result showed that people who had six or more cups of tea in a single day could reduce their chances of getting a heart attack by a whopping thirty-three percent. So with a history of heart diseases, you better get your tea subscription box as soon as possible.

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Fights stress

Stress is one of the major problems in public nowadays. It is mostly due to the pressure of work and family matters. As strange as it may sound, tea can actually help with that. A study at University College London says it discovered that black tea, just like PG Tips Tea, is helpful in fighting stress. It is due to its ability to control the production of Cortisol in the blood, which is the prime cause of stress. People who drank this tea on a regular basis were considerably less stressed than the ones who did not.

Helps with digestion

Digestion was the prime cause behind the invention of this tea. The owner named Arthur Brooke, first introduced this tea as a digestion aid before eating. It helped with less acidity in the stomach, and people could have their meal in perfect health. The brand came into being in 1869, but it was not until 1930 that the brand was registered. Arthur used the slogan “good tea unites good company, open the heart, lifts the spirits, and promote a happy life,” and so far, it has indeed done all of it.

Quality packaging

Now that you know about its health benefits, let us focus on the quality of its packaging. It was one of the first companies that put tea in bags back in the 1960s. In 1996 this company PG Tips Tea was successful in introducing pyramid-styled tea bags. They are well-known for their innovations in a tea storage boxThey use the best materials like cardboard and Kraft to manufacture these boxes. It helps with protecting the integrity of the brand and can improve the shelf life of the product by a big margin.

All in all, PG Tips Tea is one of the best options in a tea box out there. It has a great list of benefits that encourage customers to buy it. People consume it on a daily basis and are living a healthy lifestyle. If you had any confusion about how a drink can be so beneficial for you, then these questions are now answered. If you are looking to get one for yourself, then what is stopping you from proceeding? Head to the nearest superstore and buy one box for yourself.

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