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Is MBBS from Russia is good or Bad?

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It is very important for every foreign students to know a little bit about the country which you are planning to move for a long period of time. It is necessary to get a rough idea of what challenges you have to face while studying in foreign country and how to overcome with it. There are a millions of students and international students have been migrated every year for purpose of studying outside our home land. So, after reading the complete blog you will get a fair idea Is MBBS from Russia is good or bad?

Is MBBS from Russia is good or Bad? 1

Russia universities has gain popularity among international students in recent years and offer medical education at very reasonable fees structure. Among other well developed nations, Russia has the highest literacy ratio and it has world’s largest educated population in the world. Russian universities will provide you many opportunities to grow smart.

Getting admission in Indian medical universities is getting harder every year. Because of limited college’s seats and heavy rush in Indian medical universities many eligible students don’t get even chance to study medicine in their native country. In India there are only 3-5 percent students will get opportunity to study medicine rest of them either go for private colleges or look for abroad.

For all of them who are looking for best medical institutions in European countries, fortunately Russian Universities has appear as a perfect place for them in terms of study pattern, course curriculum, fees structure, living cost and expenses, and future scope.

Russia has become the first choice of many international MBBS students from past few decades. Russian universities are highly advanced and offering best in class infrastructure, latest technologies, digital teaching and learning facility and update syllabus to cover a wide range of related topics.

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Universities of Russia offer direct admission facilities to the foreign students, admission will be solely depends on 12th performance and scores. Direct admission means, student have to simply apply to the university if he/she is eligible according to the rule and regulation of preferred university.

Another basic factor before finalizing any university is its fees structure. So let me clear you that fees structure in majority of universities across Russia is very cheap as compare to the other European countries. Especially cost of medicine courses is much lower than other courses and programs because of heavy demand. However, Russian federation keep an eye on medical universities to provide best and advance level of learning and teaching aids to the national as well as international students.

Russia provide high standard of living and learning facilities at low price to the students from a long time. International students will be found it cost friendly and exceptional institutions that offer diverse learning and ample of opportunity which is different from all. Moreover, degree awarded by the Russian universities have worldwide acceptance. Medical universities are recognized by the world top medical authorities such as world Health Organization, UNESCO, for Indian it is also get approval by Medical Council of India, and recognized by the Ministry of Health and education of Russia.

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