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How Internet And Computer Persuade Students Education1

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Internet And Computer Education is the basic element of everyone life. And everyone wants to get the best education and quality education. As we are living in a technological era we have seen a drastic change in every field as a result f technology and internet impact. Now more than 90%of people use the internet and computer. A computer has become the main part of people’s life. In the past educational system used the traditional method of teaching but after the influence of technology and the internet, the teaching and learning process has changed completely. Students and also teachers have become the active users of technological devices. The computer has become the best part of educational institutions. More than 80%of educational institutions are using computers and technological devices. It really helped t enhance the learning and teaching quality. In every place, we can see the use of technological devices now people use computer system by keeping them in their pocket. In every sense, it has brought a new concept. But the most effective place is a classroom. Teachers use the computer system in the classroom. Every classroom has become the digitalized classroom Internet And Computer.

Good interaction with students

By using the computer system in the classroom it helped to build a good relationship between teacher and students. In the past, there was no conversation and the class was completely subject oriented. But now in this modern era by the use of technological device teacher can plan a friendly conversation with the students. By using computers teacher can show certain videos and pictures which are related to the subject. It will really help to enhance the active participation of students in the classroom. By downloading the teacher can present any videos in the classroom. When a teacher takes continuously class it will create boredom to the students but if teacher use devices like computers it will help to make the class more attractive and attentive Internet And Computer.

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Encourages creativity

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A computer has become the part of our educational system. The teacher can create a particular class blog and teacher can ask for the students to post some creative writings. By creating a class blog it will help to encourage the student’s creative writing. They can post their thoughts and ideas related to particular social issues. And also post their own writing and teacher must comment positively which will be encouraging for other students. It’s a chance for students to establish their creative thoughts and it will boost their confidence Internet And Computer.

Encourages individual learning

As computers and the internet are used in our day today life. And the most benefited field is an educational field. Students can download related videos and they can read it or watch the videos when they are free. They can see the videos again and again. Whether they are in sitting bus stand or in part if they have technological devices they can use it for a better purpose. If they get some class work or seminar assignments they can look at the computer and search for that purpose. It has drastically increased the confidence of the students and helped to live an academicals journey without much stress Internet And Computer.

                                            There is no doubt that computers and the internet have given us the opportunity to provide the best and quality education for students. It helped to encourage the learning quality of students and also helped the teachers to adopt effective techniques in the teaching process. A better education will help to lead a better life.


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