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International SEO Guide For eCommerce Websites

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If you think SEO is the easiest thing to do, then you need to think again. It’s true that e-commerce is easy, but its continuous practice is even more difficult. There are thousands of SEO tactics and techniques that need to be analyzed and monitored over and over to improve your marketing strategies. And this learning process is even more difficult to meet the latest updates and algorithms of Google. 

The basics of search engine optimization have not changed, but there are many new things that you need to include in your marketing strategies to make your eCommerce website SEO-friendly. This article lists the most practical and advanced SEO company techniques that help your eCommerce website rank well on search engine pages. Here we have listed the step-by-step international SEO guide that helps improve your website performance and generate tons of traffic on your eCommerce site along the way. 

Step by step international SEO guide 

So you’ve started your online store, but you have no idea how to work with SEO for eCommerce properly. We bring to your attention a collection of recommendations that will help increase the ranking of the site and thereby increase sales. So, let’s begin without any further delay!

Step 1: Keywords Research 

Every time a user searches for something online, he puts some words in the search bars. The multiple search results are displayed across a hundred thousand possible pages related to that particular word in the search bar. These words are called keywords. Keywords are the key phrases used to place search queries online. 

It is crucial to optimize your website and web pages with relevant niche-based keywords when optimizing your eCommerce business. It will make your website SEO-friendly and help users find your website on search engine pages every time they place any query online. But finding the right keywords for your business is a real challenge. For that, you need to invest some time in research. You can use various keywords research tools out there to find your business-related keywords, analyze competitors to see what keywords they are using, and choose the most relevant ones. 

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Step 2: Research Competitors

Who are your competitors, why do you want to beat them? How are they doing it? You need to do in-depth market research to get the answers to these questions. Consider doing market research to build a strong marketing campaign. You can follow their marketing strategies because they are already doing best on-page and off-page SEO to get on top of search engine pages. Using online SEO tools is the best way to learn about your competitors. To do this, you can list down some top-ranked sites, see what tools and techniques they are using, analyze their stats, source of traffic, etc.

Step 3: Improve the landing page designs of your e-Commerce sites

Website designs play a crucial role in your business growth. An attractive and highly responsive web page attracts users’ attention and motivates them to perceive your products and services. People love returning to the site that offers easy navigation, responsive designs, fast-loading web pages, quality content, etc. If your web pages meet these basic requirements, then nothing can stop you from achieving your business goal, but if not, it’s high time to improve your website designs. To-do list for improving landing pages: 

  1. Keep one main landing page 
  2. Optimize web pages with unique metatags and descriptions 
  3. Optimize page content with relevant keywords 
  4. Use high-quality product images and graphics 
  5. Easy navigation bar 
  6. Optimize your website loading speed 
  7. Upload compressed image files and avoid irrelevant plugins
  8. Protect your website with an SSL certificate
  9. And the most important choose a reliable hosting 

All these above mentioned are on-page SEO optimization processes that help improve the quality of web pages and help rank your website on search engines. 

Step 4: Optimize your site for mobile users

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, accessible, and easy to use for mobile users because the research study has shown that around 76% of total website traffic is coming from mobile devices only, and this number is increasing very drastically. If you also want to generate more traffic and ROI, don’t forget to target their mobile devices. The mobile phone screens are comparatively smaller than desktop and PC. You need to optimize your site to adapt all screen sizes. Use Google Mobile to see how your site stacks up for mobile users. Ensure that the content works well, the navigation bar performs well, and everything is placed in the right place. 

Step 5: Building links 

Link building is the most strategic way to gather traffic on your site and increase website ranking on search engine pages. Link building is the most effective SEO strategy to make your site visible on search engines and increase sales online. Link building is all about posting your domain link on various high-quality, authoritative sites with good organic traffic. Google uses links to identify your website and rank them on search engines whenever any user searches for your site. By building links on high authority sites, you automatically increase the authority of your sites too. 

To create effective links, you should always keep in mind the relevance and usefulness of the user experience. This becomes more important when linking to an e-commerce product page, as the link should provide value to the user by pointing them to the product they are interested in.

Step 6:Create relevant content

Posting the most relevant and informative content on a website is one of the main ways to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. Content can be anything visual or textual but never sacrifice the quality of content and focus on SEO. Use both quality content and SEO strategies for the best results online. Remember, your goal is to convenience both search engines and users to identify and perceive your website content. 

Posting relevant content This is one of the main ways to improve your rankings on Google and search engines. Never sacrifice good writing to focus on SEO. Use them in combination with each other for the best results. Remember that you are communicating with both search engines and people.

Bottom Line

If your ultimate goal is to increase web traffic that converts to paying customers while increasing your brand’s visibility and reputation, using effective SEO strategies will significantly impact your productivity. Just make sure you partner with a digital marketing agency or SEO expert to increase your business growth organically and continually optimize your overall strategy!

About Author: Ravi is a digital entrepreneur who has a vision of helping businesses to increase their online presence through websites, mobile applications, and SEO. He is the Founder & CEO of Webomaze Pty Ltd, a one-stop digital agency based in Melbourne.

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/sharmaravi08

LinkedIn – https://linkedin.com/in/sharmaravi0

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sharmaravi08

Email – rio@webomaze.com.au 

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