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Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5

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Instagram creator accounts are accounts that are created for high-profile users that are designed to easily tap on their data and be able to connect with the audience better. 

Marketers are in a hunt for more understanding into their Instagram audiences. They have an option to sign up for an Instagram creator account. Instagram has introduced this account option during the year 2019 that was a substitute for the business profile. You can hire a company which offers Social Media Marketing Services in Gurgaon & they can do this for you. Once their beta testing time was over, Instagram has made creator profiles accessible to anybody. 

Creator account on Instagram tells us the following:

  1. Instagram Requires Us To Double On Influencers– Most of the influences say that Instagram is their most preferred platform. Instagram is aware that influencers have a major role in their app and would prefer to provide more services so that they can get and keep sharing more content.Instagram Creator Account  
  2. Instagram Prefers To Separate Businesses From Their Influencers– The Instagram creator account profiles have tools and features that exactly cater to the influencers who are not linked to many traditional business models. Instagram believes that business and influencers are two different entities, and both have various requirements with regards to social management. Instagram’s attempt to separate business from influencers can be seen in Image 1.
instagram creator account vs business profile

Image 1 – Instagram Business and Influencer Separation

Source – hootsuite

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Instagram targets separate users using their creator profile contributions. In case you wish to switch over your account, it is ideal to create profiles for best public figures, artists, content producers, and influencers.Instagram Creator Account 

To cater to the influencers, the Instagram creator account provides various features for its influencers to get deeper to the metrics of the followers.

Creator account on Instagram lets you know more about your users and be able to manage your messages and posts effectively. Let us see the features that the Instagram creator account must be able to know more about the user.Instagram Creator Account

  • Follower Insights – The insights will easily allow you to analyse the way people relate with your account. Instagram creators would expect data that surrounds their followers. It could also unfollow and track all the content like stories, feed, and IGTV. This will enable the marketers to know what has led to declines or spikes. Also, if the marketer has only a business account, users will be able to have access only to their week wise follow and unfollow count. This is of great help to the influencers as they can see what videos add value to them each day. Instagram Creator Account
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 1

Image Source: socialmediaex

  • Direct Messaging Tools – Instagram creators have direct messaging that also has a filter feature. Filters would allow direct messages that can be separated as read, unread, or flagged that would enable follow-up and responding easier. One more option is to rank messages. The creators can rank all pending requests by time or relevance so that important requests are not missed out. In a general scenario, influencers receive many messages per day either for associations or for just a casual chat. Having a personal or a business account, users are approached only to a primary inbox for all the direct messages. It also has a message requests folder for direct messages from those people whom they don’t follow. Using an Instagram creator account, any influencer has access to three main folders. They are the following:
    • Primary – This folder has messages that the influencers require to receive and be informed of. 
    • General – This folder has messages that the influencer does not want any notifications for.
    • Requests – This folder has messages from people whom the influencer does not follow. 
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 2

Image source: Google

Instagram account creators can transfer messages among these folders at any time. This would allow users to arrange messages received from families, friends, and any other people whom they prefer to hear from.

  • Flexible Labels– This feature would help the creators to remove the click ability of the labels call or can also email on their profiles. Also, creators can identify their preferred contact method. Instagram creator account provides users with more flexibility with the way to label and brand themselves. Having a business account, Instagram would assign the category to the connected Facebook page profile. This means that if you are an ‘Apparel’ brand on your Facebook page, then you would be an ‘Apparel’ brand on your Instagram business profile as well. On having an Instagram creator account, even though the creators choose the preferred label for the brand, there will be more choices. This would enable the creators to enter the market with the personal brand and select the label that is feasible for the creators.
  • Demographic Data – This feature is available in business data as well, while the Instagram creator account provides influencers the provision to look at whom their followers are and can tune their content to specific followers.
  • Instagram Creator Dashboard – Instagram has come up with a new ‘Creator Studio’ that helps influencers to increase their understandings on just one whole dashboard as shown in Image 2.
creator studio for instagram dashboard

Image 2 – Instagram Creator Dashboard

Source – https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-creator-account/

  • Flexible Contact – Influencers always get flooded with calls and emails for marketing, collaborations, and spam each day. Using Instagram creator account profiles, influencers have the option to turn off their contact buttons to control the requests flow. Earlier, Instagram business profiles used to provide a call-to-action for their followers to enable them to contact users using their contact information. Currently, influencers can just turn off the contact information any time they require. 

Now, let us understand the difference between the Instagram creator account and the Instagram business profile. When there are many features included in the creator account, there is no ideal reason to hold a business profile, unless you make use of a third-party tool for analytics and scheduling for managing your Instagram easier. Presently, Instagram API does not support publishing from creator accounts. But, for an individual to promote the brand on Instagram platform who does not require to schedule prior content or manage many accounts from a single dashboard, it is not worth the switch to a creator account. The creator would get more detailed analytics and control over the inbox. Also, the creator would get flexibility in the way the account gets branded. Also, creator account features are customized to guide profiles that have large followings. It would also help a marketer even though there are small following. Let us see in detail.

  1. Instagram Creator Account Provides In-Depth Insights On Follower Growth– It provides more insights about audience progress and declines. It gives influencers and brands more information about the reason for audience shift. Presently, the business profile can see the overall growth every week. But creator accounts give more details daily on the growth and loss. If your creator account on Instagram has a significant flow or dip in followers, you would be able to find out on what days the fluctuations took place. Also, you will be able to review any content or posts posted on those days that would have triggered the changes. If you select a specific day on the Growth graph and see the option See Posts that are available above the graph, you will be able to see all the feed posts and stories that you have shared that specific day. This information will help you to find out which content has contributed to the gain or loss.
  2. Creator Account On Instagram has Access To A Filtered Inbox For Direct Messages- One more big difference between the business profile and the creator account is the inclusion of a new tab in your inbox of Instagram direct messages. There is only a single inbox on business profiles and has the Requests tab that has mostly spam messages. In the case of creator accounts, there are both Primary and General tabs along with the Requests tab. The main reason to include another tab is to segment the messages that mean a lot to a large brand. Instagram would assume that bigger accounts would regularly get a large volume of messages that mean there is a possibility to lose important messages. So, the messages are arranged in an orderly way in the creator account.
  3. Instagram Creator Account Can Display Contact Information And Categories– For a business profile, you will be assigned a category on your profile that is based on the connected Facebook Page’s category label. In the creator account, you can select a new category and then decide to include in the Instagram profile or not. Also, you would notice that these categories would be aligned with influencers. Select the category that would best fit your brand and how your audience identifies. Apart from the category option, creator accounts also have the choice to keep the contact information on or off. But in case of a business profile, it would automatically add the various action buttons for text, email, call, and directions that depend on the contact information included. 
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 3

Image Source: socialmediaexaminer

If you are looking to switch over to an Instagram creator account, the following steps would help you:

  1. Login to your profile. Go to the top right corner of your profile page as shown in Image 3.
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 4

Image 3 – Menu Option

Source – Hootsuite

  1. Once you click on the menu option. Click on the settings button that is seen at the bottom of the menu. 
  2. Go to the settings page and click on the option Account as seen in Image 4. 
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 5

Image 4 – Account Option in Settings

Source – hootsuite

Here, if you have a personal account, select the option ‘Switch to Professional Account’ that is seen at the bottom. 

  1. In case you have a business account, select the option ‘Switch to Creator Account’ that is seen at the bottom. 
  2. In case you are switching to a creator account from a personal account, you will get the menu as shown in Image 5. Select the box that shows the ‘Creator’.
Choice between Creator Account and Business Account

Image 5 – Switching from Personal Account

Source – https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-creator-account/

  1. Once you enter here, create your account. From the list displayed, select the category label. Take the case to select the label that best describes your brand and yourself. Once you make your selection, click the Next button. After this, you will have the option that would link the current page to a Facebook Page. In case you prefer to link one, select from the list that is provided. If you do not wish to select from the list, you can skip it also and then move towards the contact information review. At this point, you will see options that you can choose whether the chance to contact your profile is available. Select the options that you require, and you can always edit it late. After these steps, you have succeeded in creating your Instagram creator account. You will also get to check on your metrics.
  2. Once your creator account is created, you check out with the new features. Explore the new Insights option that is seen in the menu option. Click on the option Insights.
Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know.5 6

Image 6 – Insights Option

Source – https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-creator-account/

Once you go into the Insights option, you can see all the insights in three tabs that are:

  1. Content tab that displays all the posts that you have had during the week and its performance.
  2. Activity tab that displays all the communications that people have had with your profile. Also, it will have the number of times your profile and posts have been found out in the last week.
  3. Audience tab that displays all the demographic information related to your followers. 


So, it is highly advantageous to have an Instagram creator account. Explore the creator profile and get to know the new features, insights, and metrics that would help you scale your business.

Featured Image Source: GarimaShares

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