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5 Best Jungle Safaris in India- Incredible Getaway for the Animal Lovers!

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Are you a wildlife explorer Animal Lovers? Is it your passion to undertake jungle expeditions and learn about wildlife creatures? Owing to the rich sanctuaries in India, many jungle safari trip packages could blow away your minds. Modern city life is hectic, and hopping back to jungles can give you a significant breakthrough. You can spot rare breeds, unique species, and your favorite royal animal at the heart of mystical forests!

Jungle safaris are always spectacular as you ride down the breathtaking views with unknown jungle wonders awaiting you on the way. It’s time to take an overview of the best corporate trip packages and safaris in India.

5 Popular National Parks in India for Wildlife Safaris!

Are you willing to cut the domestic monotony? Leave behind the hustle of cities and explore the top jungle safari in India slated down below Animal Lovers.

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan

Spread across the 1,334 square Km area, the Ranthambore is a perfect place if you want to have a face-off with the royal tigers. The primary attraction of this place is the royal tigers, who grab the attention and interests of all tourists arriving here. On your tour, the wild cats might suddenly jump off to enjoy the warmth of dessert. Capturing the live clicks of these majestic tigers is a fantastic thing to do here. The other wild species you can explore here are wild boars, Sloth Bears, and the Sambar. The ideal weather to visit here is from October to June, but Tiger sights are visible in May and March Animal Lovers.

2. Hemis National Park in Ladakh

If high altitudes and wildlife paradise enthrall you, go for the jungle safari trip packages at Hemis National Park. Spanning across 4400 sq km, the park hosts over 16 mammal species and 73 types of birds along with the snow leopard. Many companies book corporate trip packages for this park as it helps tourists explore many endangered species. You could be fortunate enough to spot Tibetan Argali sheep, snow leopards, snow cocks, Ibex, golden eagles, and other animals here. The best time to plan your trip here is from May to September, as there is no snowfall, and you can roam around with ease Animal Lovers.

3. Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand

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Jim Corbett is amongst the top national parks in India, with the highest number of tourists making visits each month. It is a popular wildlife park and home to the furious members of the cat family. Enthusiastic travelers visit here to get a glimpse of wild tigers belonging to distinct species. Other unique species here that you can spot include Himalayan Tahr, Serow, and Goral. Visiting here from mid-November to the June end is the best time Animal Lovers.

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4. Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh

The following top Jungle Safari in India to capture unlimited fun moments is the Bandhavgarh National Park located in Madhya Pradesh. It is a fantastic location to capture the wildlife who dwell, live, and prosper in this fantastic location. Many royals also believe that it’s a haunted place, and there are numerous tales linked to it. It is possible to spot tigers here from October to June Animal Lovers.

5. Sasan- Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat

Re-discover the wildlife fun with the jungle safari trip packages to the Sasan-Gir wildlife sanctuary. Get on the jeep safari to move out for the adventurous expedition at the western peninsula of Gujarat. You can easily find the roars of lions and experience their menacing presence around you. Asiatic lions, striped hyenas, the Jackals, and the Indian fox, including various other reptiles and birds. June to September is the ideal season to visit here Animal Lovers.


Jungle safari in India can be an overwhelming experience if you pick the right destinations to enjoy your favorite species. Some numerous national parks and sanctuaries preserve and take adequate measures to increase the count of endangered species. It is blissful and an honor to witness the sight of majestic animals who hold their aura. Forests and jungles teach a lot more than you can imagine. Unless you book the jungle safari trip packages, it is impossible to understand the real feel of these mystical sanctuaries Animal Lovers!

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