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5 Best ways to increase your website visibility

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Talking about website visibility is most important factor for any one who is doing online business or having website for any purpose. There are more than 1 million websites in the world and every user are in a race to make there website on the top in search bar. It can be possible to make your website visibilty on top search bar. Search engine optimization still a great technique to increase your website traffic, brand awareness, leads, sales and revenue. It’s an important element that should mix in your marketing strategy and helps to boost your business. Here in this blog we will tell you about some basic seo techniques to increase your website visibility reach .

1.Create sitemap :

5 Best ways to increase your website visibility 1

XML Sitemaps are vital  for SEO because they makes it easier for Google to find your site’s pages,this is important  because Google ranks web PAGES not just websites. Sitemap help you ensure that your pages are indexed by all search engines. There are two types of sitemap mainly used by the people 1st XML sitemap and 2nd HTML site map. So create sitemap and submit into Webmaster tools. It will also help you monitor the health of your website and identify errors.

2. Build your webite mobile friendly : 

5 Best ways to increase your website visibility 2
  • Most people choose to use mobile than desktop.
  • Reduced load time.
  • You’ll attract more visitors.
  • Makes it easier to manage your content.

3. Using long tail keyword:

5 Best ways to increase your website visibility 3

Use long tail keyword  will help you with local search engine visibility and also helps you to reach your target audience.

Long tail keywords are more specific than general one/two word keywords, so they are more specific to the searchers needs. It is a waste of time for visitors to visit a website that does not offer the right information – and for you. They are likely to leave your website very quickly and this will increase your bounce rate. People who arrived on your site from long tail keywords are most likely on your site because you offer exactly what they are looking for. Hence, they are more likely to perform a desired action whether it is to call.

4.Optamize social Media :

5 Best ways to increase your website visibility 4

Social media consider as the best platform to increase traffic and website visibility. Working and implementing a good social media strategy is best for your work. So optimize your website for all social media profiles. It can also helpful to understand your targeted audience.you can run various advertismnts ,campaigns, surveys quesstionares on various social media platform to attract your targeted audience .so use your social media at it best for best visibility.

5. Backlinks:

5 Best ways to increase your website visibility 5
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There are lots of ways to create backlinks like

  1. Write competitive
  2. Create an infographic.
  3. Write testimonials for other websites.
  4. Link externally and then reach out. …
  5. Comment on other relevant blog posts.
  6. Align social signals.

Blog comments are the best way get backlink and make engagement and build relationship with top bloggers. It will also helpful to drive quality traffic for your websites, improving brand awareness, and even generate leads and sales for your business.

Author Bio: Amy wise (President) A professional blogger of www.unrealistictrends.com

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Inaayat Chaudhryhttps://factsnfigs.com/
Inaayat Chaudhry is an author, digital marketing expert and content developer at Factsnfigs.com. He is also a veteran in the digital field. Shamsul Hoda brings over eight years of experience in content strategy and digital marketing analysis in the tech industry to a variety of blogs and articles including factsnfigs and unrealistictrends.com and meny more blogs.

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