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Increase perceived product value with elegant Branded Shopping Bags

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The most attractive looking bags grab our attention the moment we see someone carrying them around. The same effect can be replicated for your brand too.

Fulfilling the need for such bags

Bags, like trolleys, were an invention to reduce the shopping hassles of carrying the products around. A large volume of items makes shopping tiresome and impractical. Long ago, when shopping stores were formed, an extra gadget was required to make the experience worth repeating. Shopping baskets and trolleys came to be excessively used to eliminate the hazard of carrying all the shopped items in shoppers’ hands. Likewise, the branded shopping bags came to complement the shoppers with a beneficial tool that took care of their transport needs. Customers could aptly put all their shopped items from a specific store in a bag and take it with them wherever they went.

The first bags were made of the light-weight envelope like paper that only came in a basic brown color. Customers could put the items in them and had to carry the weight on their hands. The problem was that these bags could not stand on their own until paper bags with pleated sides were invented to curb the issue. In 1912, a Minnesota grocer created the first paper tote bag that had handles and chords on the sides. The positive response from the customers urged the grocer to patent the bags. Within 3 years the bags were selling over a million pieces annually. For the most part of the 1900s, such bags dominated the shopping spaces till a Swedish company patented the T-shirt style plastic bags and altered the shopping experience altogether. Suddenly, plastic bags were everywhere, as they cost lesser than paper and were far cheaper to produce. It overshadowed the original paper bags and became the sellers’ favorite from henceforward. The environmental effect of this decision can be seen easily and we are at a spot where the bags are being reversed back to the paper form they had been invented in.

Expect dynamic demands

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Creating an unforgettable shopping feel is what retailers strive for to become a favorite location for customers’ purchases. With changing customer expectations, the bags have risen to an unseen priority level. Contemporary customers demand quirky and creative bags to be given away by retailers and take pride in carrying them around. With the elevation in branding needs, these bags have become a promotional tool the manufacturers can’t let go of. In addition to projecting a wholesome shopping exposure, these offer a variety of plus points. These comprise:

  1. Enhance brand identity with the brand logo printed on the bags, allowing more potential customers to see it.
  2. The bags are customizable from every angle. This helps to set them at par with the shopped product quantities and product shapes. Bags of different sizes can be availed so they meet a varying number of products.
  3. Allow the items to be taken without exposing them to possible damages. Customers feel more satisfied when their shopping reaches their homes in the original state.
  4. Are apt for increasing sales volumes. Customers can freely shop more as they do not have to worry about the transportation of the items. Bags make it easy to carry large loads around.
  5. Great for brand marketing. Numerous brand info like contact details, promotional offers, etc. can be printed on these bags to spread the message to the maximum number of viewers.
  6. Ensure that the brand is advertised effectively without being extensively promoted on rented marketing platforms.
  7. Project an environment-friendly brand image. Bags made with Kraft card stock can be recycled and are bio-degradable.
  8. They are a cost-effective option that provides multiple benefits and fall within the planned finances. The benefits the bags provide outweigh the costs incurred to obtain them.

Mixing the best of designs

As for most marketing devices, the branded shopping bags must also be aligned with the overall promotional campaign. Branding must be consistent to work at all points of contact. A range of colors and additional features can be incorporated to make the brand name instantly memorable and eye-catching. Moreover, the bags must serve the purpose well i.e., they must be strong enough to carry weight without tearing up easily. The handles and chords should be of superior quality, enabling customers to lift items easily and without the risk of creating potential damages.

These bags are the best form of portable marketing. The absence of them imposes a negative impact on customers but the right usage can lead to domination in the market. So, crafting ideal bags is necessary to fulfill customers’ anticipation to be valued highly and use the sales as an opportunity to escalate brand identity.

Obtain beyond basic bags

The bags have become the customers’ best friend and one cannot imagine shopping without them. There is a lot of variety and choice for creating alluring bags that escalate the brand’s admiration among target customers. Bags allow more items to be shopped that improves sales and profitability. Customers equate premium brands with enhanced social status and take pride in holding them.

Sellers can aptly select the most suitable materials and patterns to make these bags even more appealing. Various designs are offered that are sustainable yet affordable. Crafting bags that align with your brand’s vision is now at your fingertips. Avail of non-basic bags that make the products look better and entice customers to shop frequently. These bags ensure that the brand receives regular and ample footfalls. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, the inclusion of these bags with your products makes the brand look reliable and executive. Giving memorable bags as souvenirs helps to retain in customers’ minds for longer and keeps reminding them to repeat purchases.

Make the bags look like little pieces of art that resonate with your brand’s motto and personality. Let them take over the market with engaging tones and patterns that strike the right note in customer tastes and preferences. Be known through elegant bags and let your brand recognition go through the roof!

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