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Incense Sticks: Fill your home with peaceful fragrances

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Traditional beliefs and the late pop culture have always associated burning fragrant incense sticks with prayers and other ritualistic usage. However, burning incense sticks is not only considered promising for attaining peace and refreshing the soul, but it also holds the power of directly stimulating the brain.

Various studies have claimed that burning incense sticks has numerous physical, psychological and spiritual benefits on one’s mind and body. It has anxiolytic and antidepressant effects and acts as a powerful tool to relieve anxiety, stress and tension.

A study conducted by an international team of scientists also revealed that some types of incense sticks aid in activating the poorly understood ion channels in the brain and help in alleviation of depression. It is also claimed that scents from incense sticks can trigger emotional reactions that promote joy, happiness and sensuality.

Here are some emotions triggered by the incense stick fragrances:


As per the historic beliefs, burning incense sticks is a great way to uplift the human spirit and balance the troubled mind. Incense stick fragrances are known to slow down the heart rate and initiate soothing of nerves. They trigger calmness and help people to relieve their anxiety by strengthening their resolve. For instance, cedar incense sticks help a person to experience devotional bliss. They promote confidence while encouraging calmness.        

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Ancient monks initially recognized the benefits of incense sticks. They believed that the fragrance from incense sticks enhance concentration and focus. Thus, they used it during meditation in order to clear the air along with their thoughts. Even scientific studies claim that burning specific types of incense sticks enables clear thinking and encourages the mind to develop a state of complete awareness.     


Love has a really close relationship with the sense of smell and fragrance. According to experts, certain scents, particularly floral, inspire intimacy and affection. It is also claimed that burning fragrant incense sticks can stimulate sexual appetite and increase sexual attraction to ignite the spark of love. For instance, incense sticks with rose fragrance or mimosa scent embrace love and allow you to tap into deep emotions for a romantic moment.                               


People have been using incense sticks from ancient times as they are believed to initiate cleansing of the environment. These sticks eliminate negative vibes and enhance the place with a soothing fragrance that ignites positivity in the atmosphere. Furthermore, it also helps in keeping the insects and bugs away while restricting the presence of harmful germs and other impurities.  


Burning the lavender incense stick can make you feel refreshingly happy and joyous. The sweet fragrance of lavender is also associated with the elimination of lethargy, dullness and fatigue. Incense sticks are also known as mood enhancing instruments. They are available in variable fragrances that are scientifically proven to induce people’s reactions. For instance, burning sandalwood or sage fragrant incense sticks is associated with the cleansing of negative energy, easing of tension, and prompting of a peaceful and calm environment.

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