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Important Features of New Zealand Dedicated Server

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When trying to upgrade to New Zealand dedicated server, you should keep in mind that dedicated servers tend to be different. They are not the same everywhere.

This also goes for the hosting services provided by different companies like many such server hosting company. Therefore, it might get a little difficult for you to consider the varied features you actually want in your dedicated server. Below, you will find some of the most important features of a dedicated server in New Zealand.

Great Choices in Operating System

One of the greatest advantages of making the choice of dedicated server solutions in New Zealand is that you get the scope of making great choices from a plethora of operating systems. You require varied applications for operating your business and these applications might need certain varieties of operating systems like Windows Server. Dedicated server providers in New Zealand Dedicated Server make it a point to offer their clients with the flexibility if running the operating systems, they need. They offer operating systems like Centos, Debian, Cloud Linux, Red Hat Enterprise, Parallels Cloud Server, FreeBSD and Citrix XenServer. 

Great Server Configuration – New Zealand Dedicated Server

Choosing the right operating system is not the only important feature you need to work on. Yet another important feature is the ability of having complete control on the server. Dedicated server provides in New Zealand provide full root RDP or SSH access so that the users have complete control on their servers and are also able to configure the same to meet their requirements.

Plethora of Hardware Options

Dedicated servers in New Zealand are a bit expensive and this is the reason why the hosting providers offer a lot of hardware options to their clients. You can easily avail a hardware setting possessing good performance and capacity abilities. Also, you do not need to pay anything for getting something very powerful that you might require. Specifically speaking, you get an assortment of option in regards to CPU model, speed, RAM size, RAM type and number of cores.

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With New Zealand dedicated servers, you get Intel Xeon E5540 processors, 4 CPU cores, 2.80 GHz CPU speed, 2x 1TB SATA storage, 64GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth with 200 Mbps and o to 24 hours of setup time. The servers are located in Auckland.

Options in Control Panel

Having a good quality control panel can make it easier for you to manage the server along with the applications that you are running on it. With dedicated servers in New Zealand, you get cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. Speaking of a wide assortment of in-built and powerful management tools, Plesk and cPanel are well-known control panels widely used by a large number of businesses throughout the world.

Complete Security

One of the best things about dedicated servers in New Zealand is that you do not have to face the trouble of your server being hacked in any situation. This way, your IT operations will not go offline and your business will not be in a standstill position. Dedicated servers in New Zealand provide businesses large storage and high performance facilities.

Some frequently asked questions about these servers include:

What is a dedicated server?

It is a custom-built server according to the specifications provided by the users.

Is it a good solution?

 Dedicated servers work perfectly fine for businesses that require more resources in comparison to what virtual platforms have on offer.

What are the significant features?

The users do not share the resources and the hardware of dedicated servers with the other customers.

What about security and privacy?

Users get the scope of customizing their firewall rules and encrypting their drives.

How to do away with performance concerns?

Users can configure their servers with attractive specifications and thus they can forget about all kinds of performance concerns.

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