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Importance of Vocational Courses for Jobs in Delhi

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There are many of us who come from different nooks and corners of the country to study and have a career in the capital city Delhi. It’s a dream cum true for many students to study in Delhi. There are many students who may not be academically very strong but very good in arts, crafts, technical and other artistic and innovative works. For such students, vocational training course is apt, and Delhi is one of the best places for vocational education. Completing a vocational course from any of the recognized and reputed institutes open up a large number jobs in Delhi in various domains.

What is Vocational Education?

Vocational education is not the regular academic education. It is a type of education which can be taken up after class 12 by students who do not want to study further but want to pursue a course which helps them to get jobs easily.  Vocational education focuses on knowledge, skills and trainings required for a specific trade, craft or job function. In other words, taking up a vocational course will prepare a student for a specific job, vocation, or trade, which is usually based on practical or manual activities. Initially, there were only non-academic courses available in vocational education. Nowadays, academic professional courses are also available for jobs in Delhi.

Importance of Vocational Training

There is no denying the fact that employment rate of our country for fresh graduates is still a matter of great concern. It has been reported that only about 25% professionals of our country have employable skills. As vocational skills prepare students for jobs, hence, these courses create employment opportunities in the country. Students acquire great learning experience as they get a chance to practice what they learn practically. They are prepared for their jobs before getting employment. Considering the fact that our country has the second highest working-age population (15-59 years) in the world, vocational education is a supplement for formal education, and can reduce the employment gap in India. Delhi opens up a great number of vocational courses. With a productive vocational education, candidates can apply for various jobs in Delhi.

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Vocational Courses Offered in Delhi University

If you have a desire to study in Delhi but not in regular courses, you can opt for vocational courses offered by the university. Such non-academic courses open up ample jobs in Delhi for the right candidates as these are directed towards a particular field of study, helping in acquiring skills in that field and profession. These vocational courses offered by DU include:

• Tourism Management

• Office Management and Secretarial Practice

• Management and Marketing of Insurance

• Small and Medium Enterprises

• Material Management

• Human Resource Management

• Marketing Management and Retail Process

• Advanced Diploma in TV Program & News Production

• Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

• Printing technology

• Web designing

• Healthcare

Once completed, you get a Bachelor of Vocational Course (B.Voc) degree, which makes you eligible to apply for jobs in Delhi as per your specialization. All these courses are 3-year degree programs like a regular degree course. These courses are developed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in accordance to the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) as designed by the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. Vocational courses offered by DU focuses on skill-based education as guided by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), and hence are greatly sought after to get good jobs in Delhi.

Other Popular Vocational Courses Apt for Jobs in Delhi

The above courses are also offered by many private institutes and vocational centers in Delhi. There are vocational training programs available as diploma or certificate courses. Some other popular vocational courses for jobs in Delhi are as follows:

• Computer repairing

• Mobile Repairing

• SEO Course

• Digital marketing

• Foreign Languages

• Fashion Designing

• Photography

• Catering Management

• Beauty courses

• Advertising and Marketing etc.

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