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Importance of Protein for Obese People

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Protein is recognized as one of the most important nutrients that helps people in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. According to the best bariatric surgeons in India, adequate intake of protein boosts the body’s metabolism, reduces appetite, and controls various weight regulating hormones. It is known to stabilize the blood sugar levels and increase the amount of calories burnt in the digestion process.  

The top obesity surgeons in India also claim that protein supports the exercising efforts of people. It restricts the body from losing muscle mass as it creates a calorie deficit in order to scale down the weight. Thus, it emerges as one of the most important nutrients for people troubled with obesity.

Here are 4 factors that establish the importance of protein for obese people:   

  • Makes you feel full

Obesity is often followed by a number of health complications like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, heart problems, sleep apnea, etc. However, losing weight by limiting the calorie consumption can prevent these conditions. According to health experts, protein takes a longer time to digest as compared to carbohydrates. This induces a feeling of fullness and makes a person feel satisfied for longer.

  • Uses more calories to digest food

Scientific researches claim that almost 10% of the body’s metabolic rate is used in the digestion process. Furthermore, it is also claimed that high-protein diets require more calories in order to be properly digested by the body. Thus, it can be concluded that protein-rich foods such as pulses, chicken, and poultry boost the body’s metabolism and also burn more calories to encourage an individual’s weight loss goals.         

  • Preserves lean mass
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According to the top weight loss surgeons in India, a healthy weight loss process is dependent on various factors. They claim that losing weight without losing too much of lean body mass is a critical determinant of a healthy weight loss process. Eating a protein-rich, low calorie diet can preserve the lean mass and significantly strengthen the body muscles that helps in the fat burning process.  

  • Maintains blood sugar levels

Making protein a significant part of daily calorie intake while reducing carbohydrate consumption helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in control. Protein slows down the digestion rate which limits large spikes in the blood sugar levels. According to the top GI surgeons in India, skinless chicken, turkey breast, white fish, eggs, low fat dairy products, tofu, etc. are some of the rich sources of protein that aid the weight loss process.

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