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How To View Anyone Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

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Instagram Profile Picture Almost every social media platform allows you to zoom in on a profile pictures to have a better understanding of whose profile you are dealing with. On the contrary, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others.

In short, Instagram is that social media platform that does not allows other users to enlarge the profile photo just by clicking it instead there is a whole other mechanism involved to serve the purpose. For E.g., try clicking a user’s profile pictures and it won’t open anywhere in fact it will not perform any function related to the command.

In such a case, the Instagram Zoom come into play, allows users to download Anyone’s Instagram Profile Picture without any of much effort.

Why I cannot view Instagram profile pictures?

Instagram just leaves you to the imagination of one profile pictures a small square-shaped profile pictures does not offer anything apart from a blurry view which is up to the user to comprehend or leave to his imagination Instagram Profile Picture .

The Instagram profile pictures is only 110×110 which means a very small square-shaped cropped photo that even the person himself is unable to grasp the view. Hence we will be telling you exactly what you need to do in order to bypass this hurdle Instagram Profile Picture .

How To View Anyone Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size 1

Viewing others’ profile pictures on Instagram

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In order to view others’ profile pictures on Instagram, you can use a much easy and more convenient method is the desktop also known as your PC. In order to access that:

  • Go to the Instagram profile from your PC and search for the person you are looking for.
  • Once you are in, then right-click on the profile pictures and select ‘Open in new tab’.
  • Go to the new tab to watch the fully enlarged profile pictures.

Not to forget that the profile pictures you enlarge using the desktop will be of very low and pathetic quality. However, if you want to enlarge the profile pictures in HD format then you can go to Instazoom website Instagram Profile Picture .

What is InstaZoom and How can we use it?

Insta Zoom is an Instagram profile pictures downloading website that extinguishes all your worries regarding the profile photo zooming. The best thing about this website is that it shows results in HD format that can also be downloaded. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Open the Instazoom website by using your browser.
  • Once you are on the website’s landing page you need to enter the username and which can be picked from the Instagram’s app.
  • After entering the username, select the user from the menu and press the ‘Zoom’ button.
  • Then select ‘Show Profile Photo’.
  • The website will display the results to you in HD format that can be downloaded using the download button.

The Insta Zoom website is completely free to use and it doesn’t offer any other lucrative stuff to attract users to its platform. The offerings of the website speak for themselves as no one can provide an HD format picture of an extremely blurred profile pictures. It is a blessing in disguise or should I say it’s magical!

Moreover, the website maintains the privacy of its users so there are absolutely no worries of someone catching you in the act. Although, it seems unethical sometimes these tools are useful when you are searching for a person and you are unsure if the person you are looking for holds the same profile or not, hence, it also helps avoid misleading.

How To View Anyone Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size 2

What is HD format

The profile pictures you watch on Instagram are of very low and worst quality so much sot hay their pixels are scattered everywhere which even makes it difficult to collectively view a photo. On the contrary, HD format is the high-resolution format that provides a good picture quality by ensuring perfect resolution and quality.


The limitations of Instagram are getting bigger and bigger as its user base is growing day by day hence it is hard to manage a lot of data so Instagram tends to compress the photos or videos before uploading them which ruins the content for almost everyone.
The Instazoom website is the best solution to avoid the hassle as it offers an easy-to-follow user interface and fetches results in no time which makes it a perfect choice for users around the globe. It is also free to use and you can also download the HD quality image without even paying a penny or banging your head against the wall.


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