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How To Use Twitter Aggregator To Improve Your Website

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Twitter Aggregator is a tool that aggregates Twitter feeds from multiple sources like hashtags, handles, mentions, lists, likes etc. and incorporate them into your website in the form of a Twitter widget.

Twitter has become a vast social media networking platform that all brands use to grow their business. It has gained popularity over the years to become a medium to express their opinions and views on ongoing matters and their experiences with brands. 

Hence, brands, and marketers have started to leverage Twitter aggregation tools to collect and embed the valuable content left by their customers. 

Embedding Twitter feeds on the website has become a huge marketing phenomenon that is leveraged by a majority of brands for making their business website more impactful and efficient to target potential customers. 

If you are not sure about where to begin and want to know more about Twitter aggregators, then you are at the right place Twitter Aggregator. 

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In this blog, we will be guiding you through all this and more. 

Let’s get started!

Introduction To Twitter Aggregators

Twitter doesn’t officially provide a simple way to create a Twitter widget, your only options are to either hire outside assistance or conduct your own expensive and complicated programming that uses and maintains the Twitter API.

Twitter aggregators excel in this situation. Simply put, a Twitter aggregator can be used to make a Twitter widget that you can integrate on your website to display the Twitter feeds of various Twitter accounts Twitter Aggregator.

Benefits Of Twitter Widgets For Your Website 

  • A chance to present social proof

Utilize your new Twitter stream to provide credibility and proof supplied by your consumers on Twitter, which will increase audience engagement on your website.

If you utilize a Twitter hashtag aggregator that offers the ability to gather Tweets from people who used a particular hashtag in their Tweets, you can accomplish this. See the instructions for creating a hashtag feed and using a hashtag aggregator below Twitter Aggregator.

  • Reusing content will expand your audience

Twitter is the best platform for social media marketers and bloggers to connect with their target market. It’s similar to having hundreds of free billboards on which to promote your product.

Additionally, you may expand the reach of the content you post on Twitter to include your website and reach more clients than simply your current followers by using a Twitter aggregator.

  • Increase website traffic

The embedded Twitter widget is crawled by Google bots, giving you the chance to rank for twitter search engine terms. The aggregated Twitter widget offers an easy way for users to view your Twitter feed if they are interested in seeing comments from your business or brand.

Best Tools To Create A Twitter Widget 

  • Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox widget is a leading social media aggregation tool that enables you to collect content from over 18+ social media platforms effortlessly and effectively including Twitter. The users of the tool can then use the additional features tool to make their Twitter widget more impactful and pleasing to the eyes. 

Taggbox widget offers a variety of customization options to make the widget more appealing to look at. Additionally, the users can leverage content moderation to improve the content quality of the widget. The panel has a profanity filter that can be used for the process. Moreover, the other promising features of the Taggbox widget are automatic content updates, custom CS,S and an efficient back support tool for assisting the customers if they face any problems.

  • Ever Wall 

You may personalize your Twitter widget with EverWall before integrating it on your company website. It enables you to curate your feeds before viewing it. You can do a lot more to improve the quality of your content, including hiding or displaying tweets and links. After all, the standards for the brand are established by the caliber of your content.

Simply copy the Ever Wall embed code and paste it in the website editor. The finest element is that all Twitter feeds are displayed in real-time. It gives flexibility for tracking, filters to block particular phrases, total moderation to maintain the quality of your content, and complete moderation.

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  • Live Wall 

Twitter feeds can be incorporated with LiveWall into other windows and your website. It enables you to incorporate videos and photographs into your website’s display together with your Twitter profiles, providing brand users with a totally new experience.

Additionally, it gathers Twitter statistics so you can see how effective your Twitter feeds are and make the necessary adjustments. It gathers online data about your brand on Twitter using hashtags, mentions, locations, etc. to give your audience social proof and aid in the development of a stronger brand image.

Key Takeaways 

We are wrapping it up and you are now fully aware of the major aspects of a Twitter aggregator including the best ones available in the market.

Additionally, you are now aware of the best embedding options available to create and embed a Twitter widget on your website easily and in a couple of steps!

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