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How to Take Care of Your Furniture during House Shifting?

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There are so many things to consider and take care of during household shifting. But one thing that is really important to consider is the safe packing of your fragile items.

Most people do not understand that their furniture is also one of those fragile items that can easily get scratched while moving house.

So, it’s important to take care of your furniture during household shifting. And for that, you can either hire professional packers and movers or you can do it yourself. But then again you will have to be very careful because the different types of furniture need to be packed differently.

There are so many types of furniture like sofa, dining table, tea-table, bed, wardrobe, etc. And each needs to be packed with high-quality packaging materials.

For this, people prefer hiring professional packers and movers.

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No matter whether you are hiring professional packers for packing furniture or doing it yourself, without adequate measures to protect the furniture you will put them at risk of extensive damages. Hence, it’s important to protect them using some moving and packing tricks.

Here are the things you can do to protect your furniture from damages.

Top Tips to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

From making the list of the furniture to pack and load them safely onto the moving truck, we will discuss each and everything to help you to transport your furniture in a safe condition. Follow the tips and protect your furniture while moving house.

Inventory and Assessment

Make a list of all the furniture you have. The list will help you to know which furniture you want to take along with you and what should be discarded off. It is essential to know which furniture should be discarded off because taking them to the new house is of new use. They will do nothing by blocking space in your new house. Also, keep the heavy furniture aside which requires extra effort to pack and move.

Assess the condition of each piece of furniture. Look for any scratches, damages, and dents carefully before packing them. Take photographs from each side. This will help you to know the condition of the furniture after the delivery and you can report it to your mover about the damage. Your furniture is a valuable part of your home, and to ensure its safe and secure relocation during house shifting, it’s essential to “get quotes to move large boxes” and enlist professional help for a smooth and efficient moving process.

Prep your furniture for packing

Before you get the packing materials and start packing the furniture, you should thoroughly clean them. Dust and other debris can damage the surface of the furniture hence, you should clean and dust your furniture. Cleaning the furniture will also ensure that you are dragging any unnecessary grim to your new house.

You can use the drawers to pack other essential items. Pull out the drawer from the dressers this will help you to pack the other items while lightening the weight of the heavy furniture.

Dismantle the furniture

If it’s possible to dismantle the furniture then do it. Remove the cushions, bed frames, legs of the table, etc. and pack the items separately. This will make the work of packing your furniture easier. For this you should read the user’s manual to know the right way to dismantle the furniture.

If a piece of furniture has a lot of parts then use masking tape and mark note where each part goes. Use sealable plastic bags to hold the screws and label the packet carefully.

Packing materials

To pack your furniture you will need bubble wrap and also plastic stretch wrap. These packing materials are made of tear resistant materials that protect the goods against damages and jerks during transit. Bubble wraps are especially made for heavy fragile items like furniture glass top, dressing table mirror, etc. So, use these materials to pack your furniture.

Moving equipment required

To move the heavy and bulky pieces of furniture and load them onto the truck, you will need a few moving equipment. These equipment will make the work of moving and loading the heavy furniture easier. These equipment include dolly trailer, skid-boards, and moving straps.

Correct placement

Correct placement or positioning of the furniture onto the truck is important to prevent the furniture from damages during transit. The heavy furniture should be placed at the last of the truck against the walls of the truck to keep the various furniture at stable position. Make sure not to stack the glass tops of the furniture.


Just like packing and loading is important to transport your furniture in damage-free condition unloading is also important. You must safely land them from the truck or else you will damage them while unloading.

If you want to transport your furniture without any damages then hiring professional packers and movers Gurgaon to Pune is the best way to ensure damage-free move. They have a pool of moving equipment and also packing materials that they use to pack and transport your goods. Apart from these they have knowledgeable staffs who pack the goods using right packing methodologies.

Final Thoughts

Though packing and moving the furniture is a tough job, but if you will follow all these tips that are discussed above then you can move them without any damages. These are the tricks to transport your furniture safely while moving house. But, it is advisable to hire professional packers and movers or where you live to have safe and damage-free move.

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