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    How to Select Best Water Purifier?

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    In our rigorous analysis, we determined that a water purifier with the following set of specifications would fit the most purified water for consumption with the necessary minerals/nutrients retained.

    Things That Remember Before Buying a Best Water Purifier

    Minimum RO + UV water disinfectant technology. RO + UV + UF / RO + UV + MF would be a welcome addition, but this is not necessary at all.

    Inbuilt the TDS controller to maintain the TDS level of water within the range of 100-500, which is considered suitable for human consumption.

    The mechanism to bring back / add essential minerals to the water.
    Very high-quality filter membrane to remove pathogens from water, effectively removing dirt, disease.
    Replacement parts and after-sales service by a trusted brand are easily and reasonably priced.
    You can go through my comment in the comment section of this answer.

    Water Purifier Buying Guide

    How to Select Best Water Purifier? 1
    In addition to these required specifications, we suggest buyers pay attention to the heat sink installed in the water purifier. To reduce production costs and increase profit margins, some manufacturers have a tendency to use heat sinks that are ineffective in keeping the temperature of the pump motor within the permissible range.

    As a result, the pump motor starts heating up after a few minutes in the filtration process. Over a period of a few months, excessive heat causes the copper windings in the pump motor to melt, making the entire water-cooled, non-operational. The cost of repair/replacement can go up to a few thousand rupees and this process often happens again.

    Now, when it comes to the storage tank capacity of a water purifier, one must decide that there is a rule of thumb to follow the number of members in a person’s family. Based on that number, the capacity of the storage tank is mentioned below, which one should opt for a water purifier that will meet the needs of the family –

    For one to four members, a water purifier with a capacity of the storage tank of up to 7 liters would be sufficient to meet the requirements, in addition to the direct consumption of water, most of the food will be prepared at home with water taken from it Will be purified.

    Capacity of Tank

    For five to eight members, a water purifier with a storage tank capacity of up to 10 liters will be sufficient to meet water consumption and food preparation requirements.

    For more than eight members of the family, it would be wise to decide on a water purifier that is installed with a water storage tank with a capacity of at least 12 liters.

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