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How to Lose Weight With Yoga Practice

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People who are overweight find it hard to move their bodies, let alone doing any physical activity. So what can they do? The very first thing they can do is to lose weight. Once you have the bodyweight that you can manage easily, you can perfectly practice different yoga poses to train your whole body.

Practicing yoga for overweight beginners can help you control your body and mind to the maximum degree. You can also implement the below-mentioned tips to lose weight with yoga practice. Keep reading.

Best Tips to Lose Weight


People gain weight when they overeat a lot. So, their bodies accumulate lots of fat. To lose weight, what you can do is do fasting. Now don’t get scared when you read ‘fasting’.

Rather, you need to structure your eating routine such that you can benefit from your sleep as well. To have maximum benefits of fasting, you can start with 12-hour fasting. Make sure you eat dinner early and do not eat anything before the same time in the morning.

This way, your body goes into the state of detoxing and healing. Hence, you lose weight along with many diseases healing automatically.

Satvikk Diet
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Do you know that canned or processed foods are dead food? That means they do not have any energy in them in terms of prana. So, everything you eat just fills your stomach rather than nourishing your body and mind.

What to do then? Try to incorporate the Satvikk diet into your routine. That means you should eat food that is coming directly from nature. For example, coconut, vegetables, fruits, pulses, and much more.

These foods are easy to digest and healthy for you. Hence, you avoid taking in toxins and eat healthy to lose weight and fat.

Yoga Poses

Physical exercise is a must that you need to practice every day. You cannot do any physical activity that is putting too much stress or pressure on your body. Is there any other option then? Yes! You can practice different yoga poses.

Countless yoga poses are perfect for overweight beginners. It does not push your body to extreme limits. Rather, different yoga poses are gentle on your joints, muscles, and tendons. In turn, your strength improves over time and you can carry your weight very easily.


Do you find it hard to control your craving? Does your mouth start watering when you see food? If so, you need to control your mind. How can you do that? One simple tool is to practice meditation.

Research shows that people who practice meditation have better control over their urges. That means, when you consistently practice meditation, you have lesser hunger pangs. Moreover, you can make better choices whether related to food or life.

Practicing meditation also helps you stick with your weight loss routine. Hence, you lose weight without struggling much with the help of practicing yoga.

Calorie Deficit

Eating less is always a good idea when you want to lose weight. It is also called eating in a calorie deficit. That means you are eating 20 to 30 percent less of your total calorie intake.

It is one of the best techniques to lose weight. You know how much food is going inside your stomach. Hence, you can calculate the calories you need to cut from your diet to lose weight.

You can complement this with yoga for overweight beginners routine. It also helps in limiting your food intake and helps you attain a desirable weight.

Summing Up

If you are an overweight person, practicing yoga is one of the best choices for you. Make sure you first learn all the basic yoga poses so that you do not end up getting hurt. For that, you can join a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. There you can learn and practice yoga under the guidance of certified yoga teachers.

When you routinely practice yoga, you witness a drastic change in your health. Hence, you live a healthy, fit, and disease-free life.

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