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How to get rid of that bloated feeling?

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Our bodies are majorly affected by our food choices and eating habits. The healthier our eating habits, the healthier will be our digestive system. On the other hand, improper eating habits and unhealthy food choices can cause several digestive problems that may affect both our professional as well as personal lives. One such digestive problem is bloating.

Bloating is often described as the feeling of fullness and heaviness around the stomach. According to health experts, bloating is correlated with excessive gas production or increased pressure in the stomach. It can be a result of various factors such as bad food choices, poor eating habits, bacterial fermentation in the lower gut, excessive swallowing of air, stress, and other chemical reactions in the stomach.

Although bloating is a very common problem, it can still cause discomfort and indigestion in people. Here are seven proven ways that can help you get rid of that awful bloated feeling:

1. Eat slowly and steadily

The speed at which you swallow down your food could be the major reason of your bloating. Eating too fast can result in excess swallowing of air, which may further lead to bloating. Therefore, you should always eat steadily and chew your food properly in order to prevent bloating.

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2. High fibre diet

A high-fibre diet can ensure better digestion and prevent episodes of bloating. Therefore, you should include foods such as grains, dry fruits, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and legumes into your diet as these foods promote regular bowel movements and ensure better digestion.

3. Avoid spicy and fried foods

Eating spicy and fried foods is a sure-fire way to stimulate bloating as these foods are difficult to digest and can cause excess gas in the stomach. Hence, cutting down on these foods can help you reduce gas in the stomach and prevent bloating.

4. Avoid bubbly beverages

Bubbly, carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide that can cause bloating in the stomach. Switch to healthy drinks such as lemonade or fruity iced tea that don’t require carbonation to satisfy your taste buds.

5. Be more active

Physical activities like walking, running or yoga can encourage the release of excess gas from your GI (gastrointestinal) tract and help relieve the symptoms of bloating.

6. Don’t stay constipated

Research shows that constipation can aggravate the symptoms of bloating. Drinking enough water and taking more soluble fibre can not only reduce bloating but also prevent constipation.

7. Take Gas-O-Fast sachets

You can also take natural and herbal over-the-counter remedies like Gas-O-Fast jeera sachets in order to keep your digestive problems like bloating at bay. Stay healthy and beat that awful bloated feeling with the above-mentioned natural remedies. Besides, you can also take good quality antacids such as Gas-O-Fast tablets to get instant relief from all your gas problems.

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