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How to Do WooCommerce QuickBooks Desktop Integration?

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Having proper records is more than just a legal requirement; it is the base of every successful business. QuickBooks is a well-known solution trusted by thousands of businesses for this goal. Luckily, it can be worked with WooCommerce, one of the top solutions for creating online stores.

In this article, I will go over the kinds of QuickBooks integrations and how WooCommerce and QuickBooks can be integrated to fix a smooth accounting solution for your business.

Why Do You Need An Accounting Platform?

Just like you would like spreadsheets to store your data sorted and Asana to remain aligned together with your tasks, you would like accounting software to take care of your books efficiently. Accounting platforms like QuickBooks offer plenty of features to accommodate a good range of use cases that happen once you run a web business.

WooCommmerce powered stores usually need an answer to handle the growing requirements for managing books. A properly implemented bookkeeping flow can reduce the burden on your accountant (or you, if you’re handling the accounts yourself) and may assist you to analyze your financials in great detail.

Types of QuickBooks Integrations

QuickBooks is that the easiest accounting platform to start out because it suits almost every type and size of business. However, there’s no standard way of integrating it with WooCommerce. Therefore, it’s important to debate the sort of QuickBooks integration together with your business before jumping into the particular integration process.

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Ideally, the answer should be simple to line up and automatically synchronize data between QuickBooks and WooCommerce. the info can include customer accounts, invoices, and inventory.

In general, QuickBooks integration with WooCommerce is often weakened into two categories.

One-Way Data Integration

This is probably an excellent solution for startups where specific data is transferred from WooCommerce QuickBooks Integration. a standard example is transferring WooCommerce orders as a sales receipt that might be filed by QuickBooks. this sort of integration is typically simple and affordable, but not scalable. Since unplanned and unanticipated use cases are inevitable, you would possibly get to check out the second sort of integration.

Two-Way Data Integration

In two-way data integration, more data items are synced in real-time between WooCommerce and QuickBooks. This integration updates a spread of data whenever it detects a change, and updates both WooCommerce and QuickBooks accordingly. Two-way integration is scalable and may accommodate the growing needs of a web business.

Unfortunately, there’s no single ultimate solution to unravel this problem. you would like to think about tons of things before selecting the proper tool to manage your books. In particular:

  • Data you track in QuickBooks: This features a direct impact on the sort of integration you would like with QuickBooks.
  • The sales locations: Some businesses only sell through their online stores, while others sell from multiple platforms including Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Your Budget: Your budget is usually the deciding factor as multiple solutions offer different services. Pick the one that suits your requirement and is well within the budget.

Benefits of WooCommerce QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is the preferred accounting platform for several companies. Connecting QuickBooks together with your WooCommerce site may be a good way to simplify and organize your accounting information.

It’s time to use a trusted accounting program if you haven’t done so already. this could be done regardless of what percentage of orders you process monthly. QuickBooks is a superb place to start out for companies of all sizes:

  • Easy Export Data – you’ll easily search and match the records that you simply have together with your existing accounts.
  • Accounting Completely Automated – you’ll automate and schedule accounting by connecting WooCommerce sales data directly into QuickBooks. Instantly track your sales revenue in QuickBooks Online. When a customer takes an order on your WooCommerce store, the invoice with taxes and any discounts automatically added in QuickBooks Online.
  • Accurate Customer Information – When the purchasers place an order, the customer information automatically created in QuickBooks Online. And if details change, they’re going to be automatically updated.
  • Effortlessly Manage Stock Levels – The stock levels are up-to-date in QuickBooks Online when an order placed on your WooCommerce shop. If you update stock levels in QuickBooks Online, they’ve automatically updated in WooCommerce.
  • Automatically Keep Products Updated – Adding a product in WooCommerce automatically adds a product in QuickBooks Online. Any updates to the merchandise also passed to QuickBooks Online.
  • Reduced Errors – Because of QuickBooks, the knowledge gets updated automatically, resulting in reduce or almost zero errors.

WooCommerce and QuickBooks Integration

Let’s check out an easy WooCommerce QuickBooks integration using QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce. This extension is developed by MyWorks and it’s liberal to download.

  • Inside your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins → Add New and look for QuickBooks Sync.
  • Install and activate the plugin and head over to its dashboard to attach it together with your QuickBooks Online account.
  • To use the plugin, you would like an account on MyWorks. After signing up at MyWorks, I want the license code from its dashboard that’s linked with WeWork’s WooCommerce plugin.
  • Copy the license code and return it to the plugin’s dashboard. Paste the code and hit ‘Enter’.
  • After license key verification, you’ll notice that a website is added inside MyWork’s dashboard.
  • In the next step, connect your online QuickBooks account.
  • Log into your QuickBooks account, and from the MyWork dashboard, click Connect.
  • A new window pops up asking permission to attach MyWorks account with QuickBooks Online account. Hit ‘Connect’ to proceed.
  • Once both the platforms are connected, you’ll see your QuickBooks name listed inside the QuickBooks Connection.
  • Now, return to the WordPress dashboard → MyWorks Sync → Dashboard and click on ‘Connect to QuickBooks Online’ to end the setup.
  • Once the WooCommerce QuickBooks desktop integration is correctly found out, you’ll see the success screen.
  • At now, I even have successfully integrated WooCommerce and QuickBooks. you’ll plow ahead and explore further plugin features like descriptive reports, manage data syncing, data mapping, etc.

Final Thoughts

An efficient and scalable accounting tool is an important requirement for smooth operations of any WooCommerce-based online store, and QuickBooks is one of the simplest platforms that gives everything you’ll need. Integrate WooCommerce and QuickBooks by following this easy and share your experience within the comments below.

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