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How to Delete Bill in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks have become a big help for businesses of small and medium-sized, to handle their accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, and more. It is indeed a total business solution, allowing you to do almost anything with ease, even with a non-financial background. 

The right amount of tutorial videos, steps are given makes it simpler to follow up and therefore it has become one prominent business software. Oftentimes, we make mistakes and such mistakes require immediate assistance, especially in the world of accounting. 

Imagine a situation where you accidentally entered the same bill amount and detail twice in your QuickBooks. Just because you are handling everything on a desktop doesn’t mean it will be accurate, manual mistakes do occur! if you are wondering how you can remove that bill, delete it from your software and get your normal error-free account back. Here is how you can go through the process without worrying too much.

Delete or Void a Bill in your QuickBooks software?

QuickBooks have been incorporated with several features, advanced solutions, and tools that help run your business smoothly. The user is given numerous tools and many functionalities that can completely automate their business tasks. It not only saves one time but also make a better opportunity for money-saving, a great deal for a startup or medium-sized business. 

In fact, in any case of complications, users have the access to reaching directly to the QBO support

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team to gather information. In case, a user feels that the bills they have mentioned don’t make any sense, they can also delete them. Deleting a bill or voiding it holds two different meanings. 

Deleting Bills Vs Voiding a Bills

The difference between erasing and elimination needs to be very clear for a QuickBooks user. Both this action has a specific reaction, quite distinct from each other. This will in a way affect the book and organize or render the QuickBooks accordingly. By deleting the bills, they will be permanently deleted from your company file. 

There won’t be any information about the payment whatsoever after it has been deleted. While talking about voiding t indicates the change of the amount of your bill or the payment getting to zero. It won’t delete the payment information completely; however, it will keep a record of it in your QuickBooks. So, if you want to stop the particular payment from being understood in your software, you can choose Void. If you wish to remove the entire receipt from QuickBooks, of course, you can go for Deleting.

How to Delete your Bills in QuickBooks Online?

  1. Open QuickBooks Online company
  2. Go to the bills that you wish to delete completely from your QuickBooks
  3. Choose Expenses from the left menu seen
  4. Then select the Vendors/Supplier 
  5. Then click on the specific bill you request to delete
  6. Open your account payable account
  7. Choose ‘Edit’ the bill
  8. Click on your bills shown within the report
  9. Navigate to the bottom of your screen and then press ‘More’ 
  10. There will be a drop-down list, click on ‘Delete’
  11. After this, you will be responded with a confirmation message that will state “Are you sure you want to delete the bill permanently?”
  12. If you are sure of what you are doing, press Yes and it is done.

When you delete a bill, which has already been paid, then the question gets a bit tricky. QuickBooks will create credit with the vendor, which means, if you delete the payment, the bills paid will be shown in your unpaid balances.

  1. Navigate to your accounts payable register
  2. Select List and in that select the chart of accounts
  3. You can click twice on the Account payable accounts
  4. Locate your bills or the payment from the register window easily
  5. The register transaction must be in the date order by default
  6. Now, click the 1-Line checkbox, it will make you view more transactions in the window
  7. Go to the Edit menu, in that click ‘Find QuickBooks to help you find the transaction’
  8. Then, you can move ahead with the QuickBooks menu and then select ‘Edit’ 
  9. Choose Void Bill, Void Bill PMT, or even Void transaction. If not void, you can go for Delete Bill, Delete Bill PMT, or delete the transaction. 
  10. Now, once you are sure of this, click on record and save.

All the above steps will help you delete your bills successfully from your QuickBooks software. This is the best part of using QuickBooks, everything that you want is achieved easily without any stress. Only thing is, learn the difference between deleting and evacuation and understand what you need to do? Now that you know how to delete the bills, follow the above steps and enjoy your time on the software. 

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