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How to Battle Constipation during Pregnancy

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Irregular bowel movements, acidity, constipation, and other digestive problems are something that we all face at some point in our lives. But if you are pregnant, these problems are going to get inflated automatically. Being pregnant is good news for you and your family, but it doesn’t mean that you have signed a contract for dealing with these issues throughout the trimesters. In order to keep yourself and your baby healthy, you need to have a good and systematic daily routine. However, you will feel lethargic, but try to be as active as you can.

What causes constipation during pregnancy?

Before heading towards the treatment, you need to understand the root cause of the problem. The pregnancy hormone progesterone is responsible for causing constipation. It lets your muscles in the bowels relax. As a result, the food remains in the digestive tract for a long time. It is beneficial for the baby’s growth because he\she gets the nutrients that are absorbed in the bloodstream, but unfortunately, you have to deal with the side effects of this.

Say no to constipation during pregnancy!

We know that these nine months are the most beautiful phase of every woman’s life, and they want no complications during pregnancy. Lots of changes take place in the female’s body at this point.

From expanding of the uterus to morning sickness, from weight gain to backaches, there is a lot that a woman deals with. But the best part is, she feels complete while having her baby in her womb.

So, to make this period more comfortable for yourself, you need to follow these tips.

Drink more fluid

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It is always recommended to have more fluid during pregnancy. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, and to mix things up try out fruit or vegetable juice. This will allow the solids in your digestive tract to move and make the stool easy to pass.

Consume more fiber

Fibre-rich foods are essential for pregnant women. Take around 25-35 grams of fiber food every day. Eat cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and dried fruits. Moreover, leafy vegetables can be your best pal during pregnancy. But make sure not to eat anything regularly without consulting your doctor.

Do regular exercise

Don’t forget to keep yourself fit by doing regular exercise. Body movement is necessary for the wellness of both, you as well as your unborn baby. Working out regularly will help in reducing the problem of constipation. Ask your doctor which exercise is good for you and your baby, and start doing it from the elementary stage.

Take ayurvedic medicine for constipation

You must have a pile of prescriptions that cannot be skipped. In that case, taking another drug for relieving constipation is not good until your doctor suggests it. So, instead of wondering how to treat constipation? Rely on ayurvedic medicines from brands like KABZEND.


Health issues during pregnancy can differ from person to person, and so can their cure. But some problems, like constipation from the second or third month of pregnancy, are common. Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies are advised for relief.

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