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How to Add and Manage Products in WooCommerce?

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WooCommerce List Management WooCommerce> Business> Add New. Select the classified product you want to merchandise. Scroll down to get product information and trade-in heads.

Add a product

Before adding your first product, let’s learn how product classes, tags, and options work in WooCommerce inventory management. Let’s get started!

Product Category

When writing posts in WordPress, you’ve got loads of product classes and tags, such as traditional tools and tags. They will be paid, converted and selected at any time. This will be the first time you create or return a product and especially after editing the category/tag.


They can be the same for consignment, otherwise, you will set the full attributes of the world (for example, in the Bedding Navigation).

Product Type

With designed options and classes and stock management class measurements, we will start adding inventory. Once the product is added, the primary factor is what type of product is in your brain.

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Simple – the overwhelming majority of any product you sell will sell. Easy trading class measures were sent and no selection was made. As an example, a book.

Grouped – A group of interconnected items that are often purchased alone and contain only useful items. As an example, a group of six drinking glasses.

Virtual – One that does not require shipping categories. As an example, a service. Consequently, class measurements associated with all dimensions, such as shipping dimensions, are inefficient. A virtual product will not trigger a shipping calculator within the cart and at checkout.

Downloadable – Activate those extra fields that will be a downloadable file wherever you once make a lucky purchase, a downloadable file is given to buyers as a link to an order notification email. It is often suitable as an example for a digital album, PDF magazine or media.

External or Affiliate – The one you list and describe on your web site, however, is sold elsewhere.

Variations – Each product with variations, for example, a special SKU, price, stock options, etc., shirts offered in multiple colors and/or sizes.

Other types of class measurements are usually one of detail. As an example, WooCommerce approval adds new product types in the form of WooCommerce booking.

Add a Simple Product

Adding a product to write a post in Word is analogous.

  1. Go to WooCommerce Goods & Add goods. You’ve got a famous interface and will feel welcome once more.
  2. Enter a Product Title and Description
  3. Go to the goods information panel and choose the downloadable (digital) or virtual (service) implemented in WooCommerce.

Note: Virtual merchandise does not require shipping – associate degree order with virtual merchandise does not calculate the shipping price.

Introduction to a Different Product

At the forefront of product types in WooCommerce is the Variable Inventory Class measure. They allow you to outline variations of a product, where each variation will have different SKUs, costs, or stock levels.

Copy a Product

To save time, there is the ability to use the material and duplicate it to create similar products with selection and optional properties.

See the list of WooCommerce and Goods and also copy the product you want to copy.

Use a Product

To remove a product:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > goods.
  2. Find the item you want to remove.


  • Hover and click on the trash in the area under the name of the goods.

Mark as Product

To characterize a product specifically, the product & also select the star and select columns within the consignment. As an option, choose Edit fast then option.

Filter or Material

Filtering Products

Use a filter display to induce the number of goods, view the goods in a way, or view the trading class backorder or out of stock.

  • Visit: WooCommerce & Products.
  • Select a category, product type and/or stock standings, or any combination of all 3.
  • Filter.

Sorting Merchandise

Sorting is different from sorting, within which you will drag and drop goods to reorder them.

  1. Visit: WooCommerce and Merchandise.
  2. Patch up.
  3. Enter a category, product.

Add Downloadable Products

When adding an easy product, you will tick the downloadable checkbox within the Product Type panel.

It adds 2 new fields:

  • File Path – The address of the path or computer for your downloadable file.
  • Download Limit – Limit the number of times a customer will transfer a file. Leave blank for unlimited download.

For maximum flexibility, downloadable goods charge a shipping price (if, for example, you were providing a prepaid and downloadable version of a product, this might be ideal). If the downloadable product is not shippable, you will see a virtual box.

External/Affiliated Products Related

From the dropdown list of goods, select External/Affiliate. This removes the Gratitude tab, like tax and inventory and a replacement product computer address field. This is often the destination where the user can buy goods. Instead of the boost cart button, they see a scan additional button that instructs the current computer address.

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