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How technology will change the Content Marketing Game in the year 2020

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Content marketing is widely regarded as an indispensable marketing strategy that is used by marketers for a host of campaigns. Since content can be easily optimized with a business-oriented approach, content marketing has become an integral part of the internal as well as external communication for brands across a variety of industry verticals.

A report by the Content Marketing Institute, popularly known as CMI, publicized in 2018 that nearly 91% of B2B marketers and almost 86% of B2C marketers relied on content marketing for reaching out to their target customers.

According to the best content creator agencies in India, the whole digital marketing domain is likely to experience major technological breakthroughs in the year 2020. The rise of novel technologies like 5G, conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) content, along with changing content approaches and increased market competition will initiate transformation of the whole content marketing game.

Here are some trends that are likely to change the whole content marketing game in 2020:  

  1. Increased integration of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked about technologies of this 21st century. According to the leaders of content creator programs, AI is already proliferating a host of operations in the digital marketing industry and is likely to knock the doors of the content marketing domain too in 2020. It is claimed that AI automation will take on a variety of operations in the leading content marketing agencies. For instance, many agencies have already deployed AI algorithms for searching trending topics and conducting a variety of analysis.

  • Content will be optimized for voice search
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Voice search is one of the most used technologies of this fast moving world. The world’s largest search engine owner Google claims that around 20% of all the made searches are done by voice commands. Furthermore, it is also claimed that nearly 50% of all the searches could be done over voice commands by the year 2020. This has alerted content marketers as they are now aiming to optimize the content in order to make it voice-search friendly.

  • Immersive technologies like 5G to become prominent

According to the top content creator agencies, content creation and distribution with the integration of innovative technologies will emerge as the key to a successful campaign. For instance, technologies like 5G are likely to reach their full potential next year and marketers will be leveraged to change their content strategies in order to reach out to a wider audience.  Consistently evolving user-behavior and growing market competitiveness have forced the marketers to adopt novel content approaches in order to drive user engagement. According to the best content seeding agencies, videos hold the potential of driving maximum engagement for brands and will serve as the go-to content for a majority of the year 2020. Various analysis also assert that the audience of live-streaming has bounced considerably in recent years and brands may allow it to take the center stage in 2020.

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