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How small businesses can benefit from printed materials for marketing purposes

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Print materials are definitely one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small and medium businesses. Posters, postcards and brochures can help you reach new customers and boost your visibility. Adding a mix of printed materials in the marketing strategy brings a number of benefits. A large number of small business in London and other cities in the UK uses this type of promotional marketing materials.

Printed materials are a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. Whether you are a business to business company or a business to customer firm, it is common knowledge that printing cost-effective marketing materials is one of the priorities for any company manager or business owner. The printed materials you can use to promote your products and services are valuable assets when it comes to growing your customer base. You can also use them to communicate relevant developments to stakeholders. That is why it is very important doing it right the first time.

You need to understand what it really means to produce efficient printed materials. Thus, below we are going to go through the most popular types of printed materials that pretty much every business uses, and the benefits of those promotional materials.

Most popular types of promotional marketing materials

An efficient printed material strategy will help you reach your target audience and ultimately engage with your potential consumers. Consider using the following printed promotional materials when running your campaign:

Brochures: printed brochures can be used for different reasons and purposes. Usually they are a simple piece of paper folded into three divisions, each of them printed on both sides.

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Posters: posters are large format printing materials and their goal is to catch the attention of by-passers outdoors. They feature large, usually high-contrast designs that are typically very vibrant, so that they will get the by-passer to stop and have a look. Extra-high print quality is key when it comes to printing posters, since a fragmented or blurry image will immediately lose attention. If you are looking to purchase posters or other large format printing materials from a local provider and if you are based in London, then when you look for services of A1 or A2 printing London is the area where you need to focus your search.

Postcards: postcards are very frequently mailing materials that can feature a very visible image on the front, and the messaging on the back.

Sales letters: these are usually full sheets of paper with a well-written message intended to promote a service or sell a product. When designing a sales letter, you should incorporate an attractive typography and fonts, and produce a messaging that is written so well, the potential customer will continue to read the entire message right to the final call to action.

Pamphlets and leaflets: these are small booklets that either promote a service or some sort of product. Leaflets and pamphlets are usually designed as a stack of sheets, in a way that when you fold them, they create a cohesive written message.

Main benefits of promotional marketing materials

Adding your personal touch: printed promotional marketing materials are much more meaningful and personal than online ads. While online advertising can at times seem a bit spammy, printed materials, even if they are clearly promotional, are generally seen as more trustworthy and genuine.

Saving on costs: print marketing doesn’t necessarily need to blow your budget, even if you compare it to the extremely low costs of online ads. Use templates that you can find online for free to produce amazing materials without the extra cost of a graphic designer.

Reach new consumers: moving away from your good old traditional marketing tactics is a great way to get your firm in front of new potential customers. To optimise your reach, produce new printed materials and display them in placed where your target audience tends to spend time.

Print marketing includes a wide range of options for promoting your products and services to prospective customers. It is a fantastic way to maintain contact with former customers too so that they continue buying products from you. Printed materials will allow you to literally place your brand information in the hands of potential customers. Most printed materials are tangible things that potential customers can pick up and hold. This is not something we are able to do online.

Print marketing comes in several forms. No matter your final goal, printed materials need to be designed in a certain way and format to guarantee the highest quality. These are some must-have design aspects:

  • Always use high-quality images, this is particularly important when it comes to logos
  • An eye-catching headline that also needs to be concise
  • An overview of the brand, promotion, product or event
  • Fonts that are attractive but also empower the messaging
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