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How Rehabilitative Technology Changes Lives Of People With Infirmity?

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There is no
second thought that technology has changed the life we are living. From
accessing food to pay bills, everything is available at your fingertips. And
the best part is that the people who are suffering from some kind of disability
are getting benefits too. 

Do you know who is STEPHEN HAWKING? Very few of you may not have an idea about this famous personality. He is a famous physicist, cosmologist, and famous author. And he was suffering from “MOTOR NEUTRON DISEASE”. In this, people won’t able to speak and the body does not work. But the question is how he able to communicate? 

He used sensors that were connected to his cheeks. When he had to write something, he used his chin. You can imagine how technology changed someone’s life. And without it, we would never get such a great scientist and author. 

Nowadays, the thing that is influenced most of the people is “REHABILITATIVE TECHNOLOGY”. You might hear this term for the first time. But it has changed millions of lives. We have covered all the essential points that how it can help disabled people and what are some latest gadgets. 

What is Rehabilitative Technology? 

It is modern technology that is providing help to improve the function of the ill body. Anyone whose body is ill because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Disease: There are several viruses that cause a different problem. It can attack at any age 
  • Damage: This basically includes an accident. Many people because of some misfortune lose their body parts. 
  • Growing old: With rising age, people develop some disability because the body won’t able to function at an optimum level. 
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The main motive behind this tech is to make the individual independent. So that they can live life as others do. It makes them do various tasks such as:

  • Any type of work 
  • They can read and gather knowledge
  • Participate in any competition 
  • Get enroll in any school

It is a bit surprising that assistive or rehabilitative technology provides help to people without any disability. For instance, people whose English is not a mother tongue can use the screen reader to communicate. Older people can easily enlarge the text and read them. 

Now, let’s have a look at the categories…

Categories where this technology playing an important role

For your ease, we have divided this part into two sections: 

  • Observable Problem 
  • Unseen Problem 

These are the two kinds of problems that people face. Let’s discuss the observable problem first. 

  • Observable problems: These difficulties are those troubles that can be noticed by the second person. It considers various parts like hearing problems, learning disabilities, and optical disabilities. 
  • Unseen Problem: You cannot identify these problems suddenly. It can include vision problems (short and long-distance), joints movements’ issues, listening problems and many more. 

Here, technology helps them to overcome these problems…

Three effective areas where digital technology has been using

  • Smart tablets 

Those who cannot speak can use smart tablets. With this, they can access thousands of words within minutes. This will help them to easily communicate with others. 

  • Voice navigation system

Those who loosed their body parts due to some reason can use the voice control method. They can easily navigate their phone with their voice. Nowadays, it is very common and people without any problem are using this tool too. The reason is “easily manageable” and cost-effective. 

  • Help people with autism

Parents of children who are suffering from autism (A serious disorder that damages the ability to communicate) use I-Pad to communicate with them. 

Now, let’s see some top gadgets that totally changed the life

  • Talkitt: It is used by the people who find it difficult to communicate. It will automatically convert the unstructured sentence into an understandable speech. It is available in many languages. And the best part is that you can create your own speech list and access them at any time. 
  • UNI: It was designed for two way communication process. People who want to communicate with the deaf person can use this application. In this, you can use gestures and body movements that will transform into the understandable language for the person with a disability. 
  • Dot: This is the world’s first wearable Braille device. People with vision impairment can use this gadget to read messages and emails. It includes six dots in four cells, that automatically rise and down whenever you receive a message. In this way, they can read their messages. 

There are so many other gadgets that are using rehabilitative technology to improve the life of disabled people. The surprising fact is that you can get these devices at a very low cost. If you do not want to disturb your financial plan, then you can opt for borrowing options such as:

  • Reach to your friends or relatives: It may be a good choice but it may happen that you fail to receive the instant money.
  • Get help with a loan: It may be a good choice for you because here online lenders in the UK provide doorstep loans for people on benefits. In this, you will receive the money at your doorstep and with direct approval. This is the assistance you may not be going to receive from traditional lenders. 

Now, you can sense that how easy is to cope with money related problem. So, don’t worry about the condition. Leverage rehabilitative technology to make your life more enjoyable. 

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stela parker is a content writer having 9 months of experience in financial writing. her blogs and articles covers the subject of online borrowing. With the help of her blogs she suggests to learn all the terms and conditions to take a convincing decision.

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