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How lighting affects the performance of students in classrooms?

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A classroom is a place where students learn about essential life skills. It is a protective space where students learn, grow, and get ready for a competitive world outside. Thus, schools and educational facilities always try to create a classroom environment that assists in the growth of the students. This includes offering proper facilities, conducting highly interactive sessions, and most importantly, ensuring the right lighting conditions.

Lighting is of crucial importance in classrooms as it contributes to the development of an environment that is conducive to learning. Moreover, various studies assert that lighting conditions tend to influence the physical as well as mental health of the students that eventually reflects in their performance. Therefore, having the right form of light in classrooms is of fundamental importance in order to improve the concentration levels of the students.      

Here are some ways lighting affects the performance of students in classrooms:

1. Mood and concentration

Research asserts that lighting conditions in the classroom have a direct influence on the mood and concentration of the students. While adequate lighting enhances their mood and energy levels, poor lighting conditions can adversely affect their state of mind. Moreover, low levels of lighting are often linked with depression, stress, anxiety, and other deficiencies in the body. These adverse issues can not only hamper a student’s ability to concentrate but also result in poor performance.     

2. Sleep Patterns

If the indoor lighting solution installed in classrooms favours the emission of blue light, it can disturb the sleeping habits of the students. Studies explain that blue light primarily interferes with sleeping patterns in two ways. First, it disrupts the production of sleep hormones in the body, and second, it throws the body’s natural circadian rhythm off balance. This may cause students to stay awake till late nights, eventually making them lethargic and dizzy during school hours.               

3. Alertness

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Right lighting not only enhances mood and concentration but also improves a student’s energy levels and motivation to learn. It makes them more alert and increases their focus on the topics that are being discussed in the classroom. This eventually helps students in understanding the topics better and results in a notable improvement in their performance.                 

Right lighting conditions are essential for classrooms, not only for complementing student’s performance but also for safeguarding their health and wellness. Thus, always make sure that the interior lighting solutions you install in classrooms provide uniform and glare-free illumination. For instance, you can decide on educational lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting as they’re specially designed to favour student’s productivity, comfort, and performance.     

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