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How important is e-commerce marketing for Amazon

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Amazon is the best online platform when it comes to starting up a new retail business via internet. Even if it’s an already established company or a known physical store, taking up your business online gives you amazing opportunities by bringing it in front of millions of users across the globe. 

But the real question that arises is ‘Is it that simple to take your products online?’ ‘How do I make my products visible on Amazon?’ 

Now to answer these questions, let me give you a small example, if you open up a physical store without spending a penny on its marketing, it might take months for people to notice it in your neighborhood. But if you start your shop with right publicity in time, not only will it drive the traffic but also make it a known brand/store in just a few weeks. 

Similarly, on Amazon, along with the strategic product launch, it becomes essential to invest in proper marketing and Without correct advertising your product, no matter how unique or different it is, might get lost in the sea of millions of other products and sellers. The competition is so neck to neck that if you don’t build up correct marketing strategies and use effective keywords, it can be very difficult to make your products even visible on Amazon, forget about driving sales to your page. 

Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns on Amazon allows the sellers to only pay for what a user or potential buyer clicks on. This makes advertising quite affordable and budgeted for all to begin with. Then after seeing your ACoS with respect to the investment you can increase your Campaign and keywords bids. Therefore, after becoming a registered seller, you are strongly advised to seek Amazon services from an experienced and renowned Amazon Campaign manager who work tirelessly to provide you with the best marketing and sponsored ads.

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