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Hello Halloween – In San Antonio The Buildings Most Known To Be Haunted Places

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There are many reasons why people visit San Antonio, Texas. Some people attended and discovered the Alamo and many other historical sites, while others visited food, riverside trails, and other prevalent destinations. Other bold and venturesome people visit here to experience the taste of supernatural activities.

Before entering the area for ghost hunting, make sure to get permission, as some are open to the public. When Halloween is approaching, and things are not as they always seem: some of the most popular attractions in San Antonio-seem entirely peaceful in daylight-are said to be the home of ghosts and ghouls and night falls. But before that, you must remember to make your Volaris Reservations. If you book in advance, you and your family can get discounted tickets and other facilities.

There are rumors in history that there are many places in San Antonio, and every situation is full of weird legends, which arouses the anxiety of locals and tourists.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

The Black Swan Inn in Victoria is one of the most famous paranormal hotspots in the country. Studies have shown that this land has been inhabited by Native Americans since before 5000 BC, and it believes that this land is sacred to them. It is located on the banks of the Salado River, and a bloody battle took place in Salado in 1842. It is believed that the ghosts of dead soldiers haunt the house and the land where the home is located. 

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Haunted Alamo

You can’t help mentioning Alamo when talking about the most haunted places in San Antonio. Soon after the Battle of the Alamo, the people of San Antonio began to tell stories about ghosts and troubles. Since then, those ghost stories have not slowed down. It is undoubtedly the most haunted place in San Antonio. So if you haven’t booked a ticket yet, please hurry and visit American Airlines Reservations and add San Antonio to your plan.

San Fernando Cathedral

The Cathedral of  San Fernando is one of the most well-known landmarks and one of the oldest Cathedral of San Antonio. No matter what time of the day you stroll, the towering spires reach the sky, and the beautiful building catches the attention.

Rumor has it that this Cathedral is said to be one of the scariest places of San Antonio, where ghosts are frolicking among the living, and these phantoms sometimes don’t even know that they’ve been dead.

Palace of the Governor-General of Spain

Built-in the mid-18th century, this building was the residence of the early governors and captains of Spain. It paid close attention to the tensions with French colonists in North America and North America. It was once the seat of the Texas state government. However, at least one terrible murder occurred in his house-since at the beginning of the 20th century. Reports of supernatural phenomena have not diminished, from mysterious ghost children roaming the property to hanging ghost trees, and 35 criminals were allegedly arrested, and then put to Execution.

The legend and ghost of La Lorona

Nothing is scarier than this in all of southern Texas. Crying is a sign of a woman, and for those who hear it, they are often destined to suffer a series of serious misfortunes. The worst is the death of oneself or a loved one.

La Llorona is portrayed in various stories, but what is certain is that she drowned her children in anger and is now relegated to look for them before Judgment Day. You can experience these spooky places and hear about some more legends once you visit San Antonio, no need to worry about, make Volaris Reservation now and planning your journey.

The ghost of the imperial theater

Stepping into San Antonio’s incredible historic Empire Theater, you will find all the supernatural fuss if you can’t get the excitement from the live performance itself, it’s a place to excite you, then maybe it’s still haunting you. One of those spooky fans of this fantastic theater.

The Gunter Hotel

Although other San Antonio hotels are said to be haunted-including, the Victoria Black Swan Hotel-Sheraton Gunter Hotel is one of the most famous “haunted hotels” in the area. This hotel has been standing here since 1837 (despite multiple ownership), and it has been included in the National Register of Historic Places. Part of the reason it has become supernatural fame is that it was a tragedy in 1965: Johnson and Albert Knox, the victim of the 1965 murder. You can easily make American Airlines Reservations using the Airline’s website and that too in a pocket-friendly manner.

Real or fictional stories, visitors to these San Antonio buildings believe in these spooky stories. Whether it’s someone who wants to go on some local tourist activity or go on a creepy “Halloween adventure,” it’s worth it for A visit.

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