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5 Healthy Food Options for This Navratri Season

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Navratri Season is the 9-day festival which brings you an excellent opportunity to consume high calorie and sugary foods.  Most of the Navratri foods are nutritious, so you can derive essential health benefits while celebrating Navratri.   It is helpful to select healthy recipes and try extremely healthy foods. The beginning of both autumn and spring is an outcome of solar and climatic influences. This sacred duration is believed to be a favorite time for worshipping the Goddess Durga.  During this celebration, the Indian women wear 9 different colors on every day as well as observe fast Navratri Season.

  1. Why observe fast?

In fact, fasting is a segment of holistic spiritual practices since the ancient times. Based on the holy books and spiritual leaders, fasting is an act of dedication which establishes the harmonious coordination between soul, body, and mind. Scientifically, during this time, the immune system of your body grows weaker as well as the body becomes vulnerable to many toxins.  Therefore, it is recommended to detox your body with high nutritive and natural foods such as dry fruits, fruits, and dairy products. Here are some Navratri recipes that not only suit the fasting rites but also aid you in enjoying your festival in a hearty manner. You can embrace the happiness of your Navratri celebrations with these 6 healthy recipes.

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  1. Dry fruits

There are excellent options to get more energy. Kishmish, pistachio, almonds and cashew nuts are consumed during Navratri fasts.  They are commonly used for flavoring desserts such as payasam or halwa Navratri Season.

  1. Vegetables and fruits

Both the boiled vegetables and fresh fruits offer you sumptuousness as well as abide the fasting regime of Navratri. The vegetables such as spinach, raw papaya, carrot, tomato, raw plantain, cucumber, sweet potato, yam, colocasia, pumpkin, potato and bottle gourd are vegetables consumed while celebratingNavratri Seasoni.

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  1. Makhana

It is a popular Navratri food otherwise called fox nuts. Makhana is richly loaded with essential antioxidants.  With anti-aging features, it helps you to avoid wrinkles, premature aging, and white hair. The high-fiber content of this recipe avoids constipation aids your body in flushing out waste as well as prevents the toxin accumulation. They are not only low in sodium and saturated fats but also help you to control insomnia, palpitation, diabetes, high BP with potassium and magnesium. In short, it strengthens your body, quenches thirst and reduces the burning sensation.

  1. Dairy products

The dairy product is considered as a holy thing for every auspicious occasion or festival. Though, you can surely eat natural products like curd, ghee, condensed milk, khoya, butter and much more. These are the healthy dairy products that help you to get more energy Navratri Season.

  1. Kuttu Atta (buckwheat flour)

It is otherwise known as buckwheat flour. It has high fiber content that helps your body in detoxification.  It also helps you to keep the hunger pangs at bay. It is rich in B-complex vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It includes manganese, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.  The buckwheat also has essential fatty acids that reduce the danger of diabetes problem by reducing your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol Navratri Season.

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