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All You Need To Know About Hardwood Flooring

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Everybody wishes to make their houses look elegant and stylish. Starting from the ceiling to the flooring, everything can be made to look ravishing and as good as new. Let us discuss the restyling of your house flooring today.

Whenever we speak about styling your house floors, hardwood flooring is the first thing that comes to mind. These are the most popular kind of floorings that most people choose for the floors of their houses.

The two main reasons why this kind of flooring is chosen are because of its timelessness and also its durability. It is definite that hardwood floors will make your home look like your own and make reselling easier.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Available

There are basically two types of hardware floorings that you can choose from. You can use either of the two to use for restyling your house flooring. These floorings are made from 100% wood and are of topmost quality. These hardware floorings also have their own set of advantages and can prove to be very effective.  Two of these types of floorings are:

  1. Engineered Hardwood – This type of hardware is basically made from three to five wood pieces that are bound tother in layers to form one engineered hardwood. These layers of plywood are mostly cheaper and have various other layers of wood under that. You can install an engineered hardwood very easily. However, they are not quite attractive but temperature resistant. The engineered hardwood can prove to be very effective in terms of cost and is quite functional.
  • Solid Hardwood – This type of hardwood floors are generally made up of only solid wood. It is basically easier to sand as well as refinish this type of hardwood as often as you want to. Moreover, if your floor is of plywood, then solid hardwood can definitely get affixed permanently to your subfloor. The solid hardwood has undoubtedly the most wonderful finish with an outstanding appearance.  

Type Of Hardwood finishes

The finishing work on your hardware floors is the most important thing you can do. There are a few types of hardware finishings that can give your house floors an elegant look. Two most common types of hardwood flooring finishes are:

  • Factory Finishing – It is the easiest type of floor finishing and is also very much cost-effective. You can very easily and quickly install the factory finishings. It does not contain any chemicals, dust, or weird odors. You can use the flooring the moment it is done. The finishing here might not be smooth and generally difficult to clean.
  • Site Finishing – Site floor finishing can be extremely unique looking. Homeowners, generally, choose this type of finishing. The customization of floor finishing, in this case, can be totally chosen by you. It is very easy to clean and also has amazing durability. However, due to its chemical content, this floor finishing might not dry up very easily and take up a few weeks before it can finally dry up.
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As we have read thoroughly, hardwood flooring can make your home look beautiful if done in a proper way. You need to know everything in detail before you can finally give your house a completely different look.

Detailed knowledge about Hardwood flooring can give you the idea on what to use and what not to. There are also different species of wood that you can use that have variant colors.

Some of the types are cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, and other unique species. With all these hardwood knowledge, you can now very easily make your house floor look absolutely new.

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