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Gifting Options For Your Wife Other Than Honeymoon Bridal Nighties!

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Marriage is a celebration that starts days before the actual Wedding Day, when the couple actually take a plunge and continues even after the nuptials are done. Though, the celebration ends for the friends and family after the post-wedding festivities, the actual celebration has just begun for the couple.

It is rightly said the First Night after your wedding and the Honeymoon Nights and the butterflies it brings to both the partners cannot be matched by any other nights to follow. No matter how elite and expensive your future vacations are, you are never feeling that novice innocent charm again.

So, to make your First Night after wedding and Honeymoon Nights special, here is a list of a few gifting options that you may consider to give your wife.

Custom Couple Rings

This is a more suitable option for your first night gift. Get customized rings for both of you, which you may also call as promise after the plunge rings with both of your name’s initials carved on it. Trust me, she is going to love it as much as her engagement ring.

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Hand Written Notes

This one is the most perfect and the romantic one from the lot. The charm and charisma of a hand written letter or even a note cannot be matched by any other expensive gift, whatsoever. You can give it to her on your First Night or every Honeymoon Night for that matter. Tell her how beautiful she is, how you still get butterflies like the first time you saw her and more. These letters and notes are going to be her treasured collection and she will cherish it for the rest of her life.

Sexy lingerieEvery woman loves seductive lingerie. you can gift her anything from a sensuous Babydoll dress to a sizzling tiger print bra and panty in India, as a first night or a honeymoon gift. However, before gifting it, consider the kind of openness you two have first and then decide the right night to give her, obviously you do not want to portray yourself as a Desperate here. Now that an abundant variety in hot night dress for honeymoon plus size is available, lingerie is the perfect gifting option for her, in case you do not find anything else equally attractive.

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