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Future of residential construction in India

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Construction is one of the biggest in India (after agriculture) that makes about 11% of country’s GDP. It makes a significant contribution to the Indian economy and creates substantial number of job opportunities of the people. According to top architectural firms in India, the construction industry and linked and works closely with all other sectors of the economy. For instance, nearly 250 ancillary economical areas including cement, steel, bricks, timber and other building materials are primarily dependent on the construction industry.

Residential construction is another such integral part of the construction industry in India. It is commonly referred to the business of building and selling individual or multi-family dwellings. According to best architectural firms in India, residential construction has underwent various significant changes and modification with the advent of time due to changing consumer preference, evolving construction practices and ever-increasing housing demands. Fortunately, respective changes are positive and promises a great future. Top architects in India assert that eco-friendliness and automation are likely to play a governing role in the residential construction domain.                    

Innovative technologies have laid a huge impact on the residential sector in India as people are acknowledging latter’s integration for savouring an easy and a comfortable life. Moreover, according to best architects in India, the technology wave has swept the real estate industry to new heights. It has not only benefitted top architectural firms in improving the quality of residential buildings and services but have also allowed the consumer to control almost all aspects of the property with just a touch. Builders and architects are now using various software to automate a host of internal processes for maintaining a systematic workflow.

Experts claim that consumers are also acknowledging the idea of smart homes. A smart home is referred to a residential property that is equipped with electronic devices (for lighting, heating etc.) that can be controlled remotely over mobile phones and other IoT enabled devices.     Green building is emerging as one of the most popular ideas in the residential construction domain. According to sustainable design architects in India, the concept has gained a nationwide prominence as developers and home-owners now focus on building eco-friendly and energy efficient residential structures. For instance, a report claims that almost 14 lakh houses in India (almost 6.3 billion sq. ft.) decided to go for a green building tag in 2018. This is a great start for achieving a sustainable future as the country now aims of having 10 billion sq. ft. green building footprint by 2022.

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