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Funny Superstitions You & Your Sibling Would Definitely Relate To

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Brown families have this weird practice of believing in superstition. There are many superstitions that you might too have been practising without even knowing it because your family daily made it a day to day practice for you. I am pretty sure, your other or your grandmother might have been asking you not to cut nails on certain days or not to wash your head, right? Yes, those are the superstitions that are very common in India. These are practised and believed in almost every brown family. As you grow up, you and your sibling realise that it is actually funny to believe in all these superstitions and we rather began to enjoy it. Remember all those superstitions revolving around the festivals like Diwali or Raksha Bandhan? It reminds of the festivals of siblings, Raksha Bandhan that is around the corner, already. Have you done shopping for the best buy rakhi online gifts for your loved ones, yet? Buckle up and make your sibling’s day with a gift that touches their chords. Coming back to the topic, let’s talk and discuss some superstitions that you and your siblings can easily relate to. 

  • Spilling Of Milk:

Well, brown parents rigidly believe in that spilling of milk while boiling is a sign of bad omen. If you are on duty to keep an eye on the milk, make sure, you do not fail at it or else, you will go taunting for it. Eventually, the taunting will turn into how you’re waking up late and using your mobile phone is the real problem creator for everything.

  • Cat?

You already know what I am going to tell you here. If a cat crosses your path, then, you should not be taking that route or else something bad will happen to you. Cats are already not considered very good in terms of petting animals so, your mom or your dad probably would ask you to wait or change your route but won’t let you cross the route once crossed by the cat.

  • Phobian days:

Are there days in your house in which you are not supposed to carry out some certain activities? Like not cutting your hair and nail on Tuesdays then, you cannot wash your hair on Thursdays likewise, you are not supposed to eat chicken on Tuesdays. That is why these are the phobian days. It means that we fear something. These activities might sound normal to you because your parents or your grandparents might have made you practice that way. 

  • The unlucky 13:

Number 13 is that number which has been considered as unlucky worldwide. It is believed that no good work or a journey should be starting on the 13th day of the month. Even in the French culture, the 13th number is a sign of bad omen and brings unfortunate consequences to people. The French architect of the city beautiful Chandigarh in India did not even made sector #13 in the well organized and well-planned city just because No 13 is unlucky.

  • Keeping a knife at bed post:
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Remember the times when you complained of getting nightmares, and your grandmother rather gave you a knife to keep at your bedpost? Yes, brown people do believe that keeping sharp objects like knives under your pillow or at your bedpost will help you keep away from the nightmares. You wont get any nightmares and will get a sound sleep. This is the logic that is widely popular among brown families. 

  • Stepping out of home:

There are many superstitions pertaining to going out of the house in brown families. They believe that nobody should call out your name when you go out. Otherwise, you won’t get success for the work you are going for. It is also said that travelling on Saturdays is not good as it could be dangerous for life. Likewise, eating curd with sugar before stepping out if the house for some important work is the sign of good omen. 

So, these superstitions are quite funny and reflect that brown people are really innocent to believe whatever they are told upon by their ancestors. However, if you and your sibling could relate to these superstitions, then you definitely have had an awesome childhood. Send rakhi gifts for brother to your sibling this Raksha Bandhan and enhance the bond of love you share with him or her since your childhood. 

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