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Fun Gifts to Give Your Significant Other

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Romantic gifting happens to be one of the most fun and gratifying things to do. But it can be equally devastating when you cannot find great ideas. The latter situation is likely to trigger stress and anxiety. To save you from frustration, we have prepared a list of ideas to help you get your significant other a gift he or she will appreciate. These gift ideas range across all budgets and offer diverse levels of romance ranging from sentimental, creative, to silly. There is something for everyone.

Jewelry Inscribed with Your Handwriting

What’s more romantic than a romantic jewelry gift inscribed with your handwriting? This is a timeless gift that your partner or loved one will cherish forever. With a range of styles and designs, this gift is a great idea for both women and men. Don’t be surprised to see your partner shed a tear in appreciation of this gift.

5 Senses Gifts

This is one of the most romantic gifts you can ever give your significant other. You will have to be creative with this one, and you are allowed the discretion to decide on the level of romance. The intention is to get your partner a gift that appeases all their five senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

This way, you will be enticing every sense, allowing him or her to have a complete experience. The greatest advantage of gifts of this nature is that they can fit in any budget. An Example of a complete package includes a framed photo of you and your partner (sight), a portable water-resistant speaker (sound), a wonderful weighted blanket (touch), dinner (taste), and designer cologne (smell).

Pre-Planned Date Nights

There are numerous ways to go about pre-planned dates. You can decide to have occasional elaborate date nights or a basket of many of these dinner nights. Here are some ideas to reinforce your date night gift:

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• Show ticket

• Clothes, Movie ticket

• Restaurant gift certificate

• Jewelry

Gift Basket

This gift will work for women and men alike. It will also fit in any budget as long as it’s couple-themed. If you are looking for something thoughtful and not too cheesy at the same time, a spa-themed romantic gift is a great idea.

It’s however, not too weighty on romance. Below are some ideas to incorporate in your gift basket:

• Massage oil

• Bath bombs

Wet personal lubricant

• A massage gift certificate

• Champagne

• Candle

Letters For…

This is one of the trending romantic gifting ideas. The intention is to write your significant other a letter to heighten a specific feeling. You are to instruct your partner that he or she is not to open the letter until a specific date or time.

By doing this, you trigger excitement in your partner as he/she waits to open the letter. This romantic gift idea is ideal if you want to trigger a specific feeling over a longer period of time. Below are some ideas on what to write on your letter cover.

• When You Are Mad at Me

• When You Miss Me

• When You Are Feeling Sad

• When You Are Bored

• When You Are Mad at Me

• On our 5 Year Anniversary

Love Coupons

This is yet another great romantic gift that cuts across all budgets and allows you to control the level of romance. You can purchase ready-made coupons or make a DIY one based on special things treasured between you and your partner. Whichever approach you decide to take, this is a thoughtful and personal way to show your love. You can even turn it into a tradition within your relationship.

A Shared Bucket List of Adventure

There are thousands of “our bucket list books” on the market, and it’s a great romantic gift if you and your partner love to travel. It will give you the inspiration to make adventure plans with your significant other.

If you really want to create amazing memories with your lover, buying them a couple’s bucket list is the best way to achieve this objective. The book will give you hundreds of ideas, with some of them being romantic destinations, and it’s a great place to journal your experiences.

Being a simple romantic gift, you can squeeze it into any budget. A Table Topics for Couples is another fantastic gift idea that is not too sappy. With a table of topics, each card serves as a conversation starter, and the conversations are meant for romantic couples—what a great way to get to know more about your partner.


Our list of ideas is not exhaustive but it’s definitely a great starting point. You can try some of these ideas and trust me your partner will be quite impressed. Good luck with your gift shopping and have a joyous time with your significant other.

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