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Ford Transit to Support ‘Clean Air for London’ With its PHEV Custom

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The Advance driveline revealed to support Clean Air For London cause by Ford, the Transit would run on electric powertrain

Ford has revealed that the Transit will initiate the support to the great cause called Clean Air for London with its plugin hybrid Transit Custom petrol electric van. The automaker has started the trial of the extended model lineup by riding it from London to Valencia Spain last week. The all new transit Plugin hybrid vehicle is the part of the major plan of the automaker to introduce more 40 plugin hybrid models across the globe by 2022. Where Ford has announced 16 all electric models and the rest would be plug-in hybrids.Clean Air for London

What is the Transit Custom PHEV?

It is an electrified version of the transit custom light commercial van in the UK and it makes its first public appearance ahead of the Clean Air for London project to support the cause by eliminating the factor of damaging the air quality in the City of London. The advanced design and plugin hybrid offers zero emission driving for more than 30 miles and then shifted over the Ford Eco Boost engine to extend the range. The carbon emissions remain under 100 g/km at any time because of the ultra-modern EcoBoost engines. The trial fleet was supported by the Transport for London and larger business groups in the city to trial and test the telematics and geofencing technologies that how these technologies would help in making the air pollution free.Clean Air for London

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Why was transit selected to support the cause?

Ford is Europe’s best light commercial van seller since 1960s and it has the title of being the pioneer of light commercial vans. The automaker is holding the title of being the volume van manufacturer in the past and now they have offered the same. Ford would make the plugin hybrids in volume and would dominate the market. Ford is still the only automaker who has committed to offering its customers a comprehensive range all electric and plug-in hybrid mobility in next four years. The sales of the Ford Transit Custom PHEV will start in 2019.For the majority of city trips, the van would run on the all-electric system and will not use Ford Transit engines to extend the range. Ford is in the business of the light commercial vans for more than 60 years now and for more than 50 years it has relied on the Transit models only.Clean Air for London

The director of the Ford Motor Company electrified vehicle division Mark Harvey says that they are feeling proud that after a long journey of more than 50 years, now their Transit is ready to enter into the next era of mobility and it would run in all electric system. Seeing a plug in the hybrid light commercial van on the road would be an exciting thing. He says that the automaker is looking forward to paying back the environment and working on the system that how they can improve the air quality in the city they have ruled for more than 50 years in the light commercial vans segment. In the city of London only, the commercial vehicles travel more than 8 million miles every week on weekdays only and light commercial vans are the peak traffic out of this total commercial traffic. In central London alone there are more than 7000 vehicle drive every hour.Clean Air for London

Ford Transit PHEV is becoming the giant business in UK market  

These PHEV commercial vans would definitely help the project to reduce a major portion of emissions in the central London and will help in improving the air quality in the city. There are many local government departments who use vans for their routine operations, are supporting the transit PHEV trials and would integrate the new model into their routine mobility. Apart from the UK local government departments, Ford in touch with European giant businesses including the DHL Group to use electric delivery vans as they also have millions of miles travelling every month. By the end of 2018, ford will build 2500 plug in hybrid vans for these giant movers and then will start producing for the general public. The street scooter is also based on the Transit structure and has used the same battery pack and drivetrain that built to be used in the transit vans. The 21st century would be again the era of Transit vans.Clean Air for London

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