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Fix QuickBooks Desktop Issue Frozen Windows 7 and 8

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We may be in the midst of summer, but QuickBooks can “freeze” at any time! It can be downright obnoxious, but knowing why QuickBooks sometimes stops responding can help you figure out ways to deal with the problem.

Why Does QuickBooks Keep Freezing?

  • The files contain hazards hence it is stopping you from accessing Window.
  • You are using an outdated Windows operating system.
  • QuickBooks freezes when the background applications consume space and data.
  • QuickBooks freezing up issue also occurs when User Account Control is enabled.
  • Damaged DDF files and user preferences file.

The smoothly running QuickBooks software helps you in managing your business accounting tasks. However, in some cases, errors and bugs cause an interruption to your activities. While using the software, you can find QuickBooks online keeps freezing or QuickBooks frozen on remote desktop. The frozen software prevents you from doing your important works. Moreover, you may not find a chance of closing that frozen application. For this freezing problem, it displays you another off-screen window, running in the background.

How To Unfreeze Your QuickBooks Software

To resolve this, simply hit ESC a few times in a row.  This should clear the dialogue box and bring you back to the previous screen.  Once it has cleared, follow these steps to reset the dialogue boxes in your company file:

1.            Select Window>Close All

2.            Once all the windows are closed press CTRL + SHIFT + C

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3.            Select File>Exit to exit out of the QuickBooks file

4.            Open QuickBooks and log into your company file

If QuickBooks is in the middle of a complicated process, such as filtering a large report, rebuilding a file, or making a portable copy, it may freeze for a few minutes. You’ll probably see a “Not Responding” message at the top of the window, which can sound a lot more serious than the situation really warrants. In this situation, QuickBooks just needs to finish what it’s doing before you can use the system again. Take a small break, work on something else, or just go grab a cup of coffee. QuickBooks will be up and running again very soon.

Common Issues with QuickBooks Desktop

If you are selecting to perform an action in QuickBooks When a new Dialogue window should appear, but instead the program appears to freeze, the dialogue Box may be opening off screen.  You can tell the program is not truly frozen if the top bar does not change color and there is no hour glass in place of the pointer.

Solutions to fix the QuickBooks freezing problem

There are lots of reasons, for which QuickBooks Desktop freezes in the employee center.

•             Outdated Windows OS

•             You have not cleaned up some files, and thus, they prevent you from accessing window easily

•             In the background, there are some running windows, using space and regular data. That is why you are facing problem to open the software, QuickBooks.

You may encounter Unfreeze QuickBooks problems in different situations. For instance, you can find it at the time of performing some actions that open another window. Some users face the problem while customizing their reports and printing an invoice.

Upgrade to Enterprise. If QuickBooks seems to be consistently sluggish, it could be that your file is getting too large. At this point QuickBooks may begin to freeze even when performing simple tasks like saving an invoice. If you’re using QuickBooks Pro or Premier, one solution is to upgrade to Enterprise, which can handle a larger amount of data much more efficiently.

Learn how you can troubleshoot QuickBooks freezing up problem like a pro

If upgrading isn’t an option, you can also condense your file. This will make the file smaller and faster, and it should run more smoothly.

QuickBooks can become corrupted, which can be scary for a business owner. You may suspect corrupted data if QuickBooks always seems to freeze up when you try to go into a particular screen or perform a certain action. First try verifying the data file, and if that doesn’t work rebuild the data. If those two steps fail, restoring your last good backup will often fix the problem, although you will lose any work you’ve done since then.

The frozen condition can turn up

•             In a company file

•             In a particular QB user

Interestingly, in some instances, the frozen condition does not display an error message. Thus, while you are using Rebuild Data Utilities, you may not always find the data errors. Thus, the question is- What should we do for solving the problems. How Ever, while working on QuickBooks you may encounter issues like. QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number. Let us now show you the way on how to unfreeze QuickBooks.

  • Fix Close Programs on Task Manager
  • Firstly, navigate to Task Manager.
  • Here, you have to highlight the programs starting with .
  • QB, QuickBooks or Intuit.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on End Task.
  • Lastly, close the Task Manager.
  • Fix Close QBW32.exe Process
  • The first step is to make a right-click on Windows taskbar and then choose Start Task Manager.
  • Now, click on the Processes tab.
  • In order to filter it alphabetically, click on Image Name.
  • Next, you have to find and choose EXE.
  • Finally, click on the End Process option.

Winding up!

 If all else fails, try a data repair service. In most cases you won’t have to endure much downtime, and your system will be up and running smoothly again very soon. Refer to this article whenever your “QuickBooks freezes”. It will help you resolve the problem on your own. For further assistance, you can contact us at QuickBooks Live Chat 24/7 Hour Service Provider.

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