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Five Tips for Planning Your Last Minute Vacation

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If monotony is killing you and you are feeling spontaneous and need to skip town preferably next weekend and you have no time left to plan and schedule your itinerary, well pulling off a last minute vacation is more feasible than you think. There’s no doubt that putting together a trip on short notice, whether out of impulse or necessity, requires a lot of efforts so that you don’t forget anything important. From booking a budget air ticket online from an airline that is serving tickets at a low price comparatively, getting a hotel booked, packing the kind of cloths you may require there, applying for visa and many more such relevant task should have been done within a limited period of time. But with some smart decisions and clever tricks, you can actually execute the task.

First book your ticket

Once you decide your destination, book your transport ticket ASAP. If it’s a long distance location, it is better to buy a flight ticket. If you are thinking, last minute flight booking will be expensive, try to get cheap domestic flight ticket offers. Many flight booking site offers promo codes and discounts, try to grab one and like this, you can save some extra bucks too for your upcoming trip.

Book hotel prior to your journey

It is better to ensure your accommodation at the place you are traveling prior to your arrival. Like this, you don’t have to face any ‘out of room’ tagline from the hotels. Make sure you have booked the hotel which best meets your preferences. It assures you to have a roof above your head when out on alien land. Most of the time, the only thing which makes us feel at home is, a shelter to rest upon.

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If going international, apply for visa

If you are planning to go on an international trip, apply for visa as soon as possible, as your whole itinerary will be relying on your visa status. Search online about the documents required and submit the application along with a genuine copy of documents and wait for the visa to get approval. Generally, it takes only 3 to 4 days to get visa approval.

Pack your bag

Take only the necessary items along with you. Select clothes according to the weather of the place you travelling to. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone charger, power bank, camera, shoes or flip flops, fast aid box, repellent etc. and necessary documents. Unnecessary loading will cost you a lot at the airport while check-in your luggage.

Aim for the off season

Traveling to any location during off season may save you a hefty amount of money. You are way more likely to score a deal. Even, during off season, you will face less rush, thus making flights and hotels available for you and that too at a low rate.

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