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Explore the Best Beaches while Staying in the Sea Facing Villas

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Explore the Best Beaches

Explore the Best Beaches : People have increasingly involved themselves in exploring the various multitudes of Goa. This place has become one of India’s top holiday destinations for reasons known and unknown. The idea of a holiday trip to Goa is deeply embedded in the minds of every teenager. Most college students gather in groups and set sail to explore the various unforgiving choices that this Union Territory provides. Moreover, the all-encompassing beaches also observe the availability of cheap booze and exquisite seafood amongst other things that astounds people here. 

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The fascination regarding the place has also allowed many tourists from around the world to buy and stay at Villas. These Sea Facing Villas in Goa are profound for the many features that can be discussed below. 

The reasons behind the uproar of tourism in Goa: Explore the Best Beaches

Among the many features, the most unique reasons that make Goa famous are:

  • Magnanimous Beaches: These beaches cover more than half the area surrounding Goa. These beaches are about 5 minutes to 1 km apart from each other and observe great sceneries.  
  • Christmas Carnival: This a festive occasion that takes place around Christmas and observes an entire parade of people walking, dancing and celebrating throughout the streets of Goa dressed in their best selves. 
  • Watersports: Another of the famous tourist attractions here is paragliding which is taken up by every tourist at least once in their visits to Goa. Sometimes, other watersports such as surfing, banana boat riding, and snorkeling are also enjoyed by tourists. 
  • Portuguese Influence: The resorts and Villas that are mainly centuries-old observe a keen Portuguese influence over their architecture. This includes the residential houses and the churches, too. 
  • Dolphins: Mostly extinct as of the current day, some dolphins can still be spotted playing and diving in the beaches. 
  • Unique finger foods: Known for being a renowned party destination, the fascination regarding finger foods is exceptionally high. Cashew nuts, Feni and the popular Goa sausage are a must-try here. 
  • Waterfalls: From amongst the main tourist attractions is the Dudhsagar Waterfall that flows through a great distance and observes a four-tiered structure. 
  • Trance parties: Being a popular beach destination, Goa encounters tourists and artists from many parts of the world who are looking for a certain buzzing atmosphere where they can perform their art and communicate with like-minded people. The trance sessions so arranged are the best way of doing that. 
  • Casinos: The life of every part, the cruise ship casinos that allow the tourists to play the games of Rummy, Poker, and Black Jack to state a few. These can be hosted either on cruise ships or in private villas. 

All of these popular tourist destinations can be found by the sea and hence a Sea facing Villas in Goa can come handy to many regular tourists. 

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The top Villas in Goa that give out an exceptional Sea view are:

  • Little Paradise Cottage, Assagao: This villa is located at a distance of only five kilometers from the Vagator and Anjuna beaches. 
  • Coco Shambhala, Nerul: Located in Nerul between Panjim and Calangute, this villa is also regarded as the best amongst 25 best beach villas. 
  • The “elsewhere” beach houses, Mandrem: Located on the Mandrem beach in North Goa is a private property that is kept away from the general crowd. 
  • Villa Alina, Calangute: This is an Old Portuguese mansion that was built by a family in the late 1920s and has maintained effectively to date to preserve its natural ambiance around the Calangute Beach. 

These villas represent a signature laidback lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the beach for an entire day and uninterrupted while the booze and the finger foods are only a few minutes away. 

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