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Dubai is the home of wealth, and it is of no surprise considering the amazing properties and investment in the city. It should be of no surprise to you that there will be a hike in the prices of some properties as years goes by because of the growth, development, and demand for properties in the city.’

Many infrastructure and properties are cheap, and some are expensive. If you will be investing in properties and you intend to make more profit with it, then you should consider some specific properties.

Let’s run through some of the expensive properties that could increase in value

Island Dream

Do you care to invest on the island, and then you might have to consider one of the exclusive properties on the human-made island known as Palm Jumeirah. The property in the review is situated on 10,500 square feet. It is a gated villa, and it is equipped with all that is needed to make life pleasing for inhabitants.

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The property commands a brick driveway with a garage that can accommodate two cars. The two stories house has four amazing bedrooms, maid quarters, balconies and terrace to get fantastic views of the surroundings.

A well-structured garden surrounds the property, and there you also have a decorative pond, pool for you and guest to enjoy the time spent there. The property is valued around $18 million plus with the audacity to increase over the years.

Fit for a king

Those who cherish luxury lifestyle will opt for this particular property. It is valued around 19 million dollars, and it has the propensity to increase in value over the years. It is among the most substantial villa in emirates hills.

The apartment is situated on 38,000 square feet. It boasts of seven bedrooms with amenities surrounding it such as the golf course, marina view and the sea. It also has room for maids and parking space for cars. The property is a penthouse with excellent dining area.

Luxury emirates hill style

The Villa is small, but that isn’t a significant setback considering all other things it has to offer. The fact it is situated on the emirate hill is enough for you to consider. The villa spread all over 31,500 square feet land property. It is a beautiful property for those who love to live on a low lifestyle — a perfect fit for married couples.

The villa host six bedrooms with living space and rooms for driver and maid, it also has Jacuzzi, pool and standard kitchen and it is valued at around 20.4 million dollars.

Pure Bliss

One of the best places for you is the property of pure bliss. The villa host six bedrooms situated in Emirates Hills which is located on 29,000 square feet with a fantastic golf course view. The apartment is an exclusive style that has a ground floor with two kitchens, sitting area, ironing room, snooker room, and bar.

The apartment has parking space for four cars, amenities such as gym center, entertainment room, sauna, steam room and other facilities to make life pleasing. At $20 million plus, you can acquire the property and become the rightful owner.

Le Reve

For those who cherished night lifestyle, this apartment in Le Reve might be your destination. It is a four bedroom apartment with a splendid view of the sea, and it’s close to the marina. The property is situated on 25,000 Square feet. It is a penthouse which makes it expensive, and the value will keep increasing over the years. It is valued at 21 million dollars with the tendency to increase as the years go by.

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