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Establish a stronghold in the trending multi-service business with our splendid Gojek clone

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The unexpected outbreak of Coronavirus has negatively impacted people’s lives. This pandemic has brought severe consequences across the globe. As per the latest report, around 3.75 million people and counting have been infected, and the number is increasing rapidly. The ongoing pandemic and self-isolation named Quarantine have changed how people are used to live. Be it education, work, or shopping; everything has changed. Due to the pandemic, people find it extremely complicated even to access their basic needs like food, medicine, grocery, etc.

The new normal termed quarantine  has usurped the usage of on-demand apps. In short, during the Coronavirus lockdown period, the consumption of on-demand mobile apps has increased rapidly. The reason for its sudden growth and usage is because people are asked to practice social distancing and keep themselves from stepping outside. These are the main factors that have hugely contributed to the growth of mobile apps.

Report Highlights

  •  Around 95% of families in the United States use at least one on-demand delivery app. 
  • Being the epicenter of this deadly virus outbreak, China had seen a surge in its e-commerce sales by 36%. 
  • Also, the big giants  in the United States, namely Walmart and Target , witnessed an increase of  54,000 and 53,100 downloads of their apps at this crucial period.

From the above legit statistics, it is evident that it is not that people do not prefer going out and shopping, but it is all about the comfort and convenience that these on-demand delivery apps provide.

Instead of developing separate apps for every service, what if you can develop all services under a single roof? Have you ever thought of building an app delivering multiple services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, plumbing services, etc., in a single app? 

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Gojek is an on-demand multi-service app that takes care of all your needs on a single platform. It is high time for entrepreneurs like you to invest your valuable time in this flourishing market. Start an on-demand multi-service app with an alluring Gojek clone that helps your business establish a stronghold in the competitive market by supplying to the people’s needs on their doorsteps.

What Gojek offers?

Whether a user needs to book a taxi or order food online, or deliver a courier, they can do it from the Go-Jek app. This app consists of three default sections.

  • Booking rides

Users can book rides easily and can be done anywhere and at any time. It can be anything like booking a cab or a bike. Also, tracking the ride has become easier as there is a GPS feature in it. 

  • Deliveries

The online delivery is made available where initially the customer places an order in the app. The delivery personnel receives the request, accepts it, and does the required work.

The delivery can be anything, say food delivery, courier delivery, flower delivery, having to deliver groceries, and so on.

  • Other services

Here users can avail of other services like roadside assistance, healthcare service, car wash expert, plumbing, laundry, and many more. You think of any service; you will find all under this category that eases the people’s task.

Gojek – Why do entrepreneurs prefer to build an app like Gojek?

Gojek is a multi-service provider company based in the Southeast Asian region. It is a pioneer in the multi-service market. This app becomes a one-stop solution for all the end-user needs, from food delivery to grocery delivery to logistics to cashless payments.

The range of services it offers with just a few taps in a single app has inspired many entrepreneurs like you to develop an app like Gojek and has become one of the investor-friendly apps.

Gojek clone app

The clone app will help you develop and launch your on-demand multi-service app instantly. It offers a readily launchable and customizable clone app helping you alter the script based on your business ideas and requirements. Hence, do not hesitate to get your business started by developing a multi-service app with the Gojek clone.

The streamlined workflow of Gojek clone – In terms of other services

  • User requests for a service

Users are required to register by entering their credentials or by using their social media platforms. After logging in, they will search for the services they want. After selecting, the request is sent to the concerned service professional.

  • Service provider’s acceptance

Now, the service professional receives the user’s request and can either accept or decline the request based on their availability and convenience.

  • Service begins

If accepted by the concerned provider, they will arrive at the user’s location with the necessary tools and materials needed for the work and get their work started. 

  • Task completion

Once the service is over, users have to pay for the service availed with the payment options available in the Gojek clone. All these are done within an app, ensuring transparency.

The basic workflow of Gojek clone – Delivery segment

  • Users sign up to the app by entering their credentials.
  • Enter the correct location
  • Select the services they want like laundry services, car washing, plumbing, etc.
  • After selecting, they can view the stores near their locality.
  • Now they can search for the items they want, add them to the cart, and process the payment.
  • Once the shop accepts the order, it will be delivered to the given location.

Why is it a great idea to kick-off your business with the Gojek clone app?

Building an app from scratch has proved to be pretty expensive as there are various cost-affecting factors, time, and other resources  involved in it. But when you go for a clone app, they are available at a budget-friendly cost, and the development time is reduced compared to the time it takes when you build your app from scratch. When you develop your app with clone apps, you can easily launch your app in the market at the earliest.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to enter this flourishing business sector? Then there is no better time than now. Embark on your multi-service business with Gojek clone, thereby helping your business reach massive users and majorly benefits your users by catering to their needs at their doorsteps using your Gojek app built with the clone script.

Closing Thoughts

There are many clone apps available in the market. But if you are on the hunt to choose the right mobile app development company, which is highly trusted by many businesses, then join hands with our vibrant team that helps your business reach a greater extent by building an intuitive and engaging app that matches your business profile and can be customized based on your specifications.

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Amyseimetz is a business growth strategist at INORU, a leading company in the development of clone apps. She loves to explore and share technological advancements in the field of on-demand mobile apps.

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