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ERA Testing Is An Ideal Approach For IVF Specialist To Tackle Implantation Issues

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IVF Specialist When you walk through the door of the IVF centre, you have a whole lot of expectations and anxiety within. You will naturally select a clinic with a high success rate in undergoing the procedure. However, despite having a good number of eggs at retrieval, a considerable fertilisation rate, and a healthy embryo, you may suffer from RIF or Recurrent Implantation Failure IVF Specialist.

Failures have underlying causes

Every unsuccessful attempt at IVF treatment will devastate you. It seems as if the pregnancy is not holding up strongly even after the successful transfers. It will be a very challenging and stressful situation for both you and the reproductive specialist. The aim will be now to identify the underlying reason leading to the auto- termination of pregnancy IVF Specialist.

In search of answers

New technologies are coming up owing to the continuous demand from patients to know the underlying reasons for whatever happens with their health. The new tests help the reproductive specialists to finally detect the reasons that cause termination of pregnancy even when you are undergoing medically- assisted pregnancy IVF Specialist.

If you are looking to get the correct road to conception, you need the correct assistance to find out what is wrong exactly. One of the most advanced techniques is the ERA test, which will help patients who may have been facing implantation failures. The tests will instil hope and share the knowledge that will motivate the couple IVF Specialist.

ERA Test- A preview

An ERA is an abbreviation for Endometrial Receptivity Analysis or Array. It is a kind of genetic test that will use a small sample of the endometrial tissue from the woman’s body and determine whether the endometrial lining is strong enough to receive the embryo’s implantation IVF Specialist.

  • If you are a woman trying to conceive for a considerable period, you must know that there is an “implantation window” in the cycle, which is short-lasting. The usual window is between the 19th to 23rd day of the menstrual cycle IVF Specialist.
  • During the secretory phase, also called the luteal phase, your ovaries will produce progesterone. This hormone is ideal for creating the perfect environment for implantation. The hormone brings about small but significant modifications to the uterine lining to ensure implantation IVF Specialist.
  • Protein production takes place, which thickens the lining further. As a result, it becomes more responsive to the embryo.
  • The occurrence of this narrow window is accurate in terms of the predicted period in 84% of women. So, in case of implantation failures during IVF treatment, it can indicate that the embryo transfer is not happening in the correct window IVF Specialist.
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The most reputed IVF Specialist in Bangalore will use the ERA test to determine your exact “implantation window” to schedule the right transfer date.

Reading the biological signals

When your endometrial lining will be responsive, there will be a typical expression of the cellular genetic materials. There will be either more or minimised production of the particular RNAs.

Global researchers have successfully examined the gene expression of 236 genes per sample to create a database containing more than 12,000 endometrial tissue samples for determining the quantities of RNA generated at different ages.

Now, the test involves searching for the patterns using the advanced algorithms until the test sample can have a classification under the “Receptive” or “Non-receptive” category, depending on the specific expression profiles.

  • The test is repeatable
  • Findings will be the same whether the sample testing happens at the same point of the cycle or even months apart.

The reproductive specialist can use the ERA to detect the right time to implant.

The procedure of the test

ERA test needs a collection of samples of the uterine lining at the precise point of the menstrual cycle. The doctors can inject fertility drugs like progesterone or supplementary oestrogen to prepare the uterine lining. The progesterone begins on Day 0, and the test happens after 5 days.

  • The doctor will perform an endometrial biopsy to get the tissue sample. It’s the introduction of a thin catheter through your cervix into the uterine cavity. The plunger in the catheter will create a suction force to extract the microscopic sample of the endometrial lining.
  • This can be an unpleasant part of the process, but it can be highly beneficial for a successful IVF treatment.
    You can get the results in three weeks. If the tissue is “non-receptive”, you need to perform the test before or after the precise period which was under test the last time.

Calculations are essential

You must be wondering whether all of this is worth the time or effort. Well, the specialists won’t be using the test so frequently if it does not affect the success rate. In fact, it is official that the test has helped many wone to conceive smoothly as the doctors have calculated the right window for the implantation.

As the problem in implantation has been a common factor in hindering pregnancies, the ERA test has definitely improved the conception rate.

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