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Enjoy a mesmerizing day four in Baku, Azerbaijan

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If you have taken a travel plan for an exceptional trip to the ancient city Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, believe yourself that it is going to be proved as one of the most appreciable decision regarding your world travel plan and you will applaud your decision quite a lot after your trip is over.  The features of the city are so amazing and unbelievable that you will be astonished to realize that such a city still exists in reality. You will have classical European architecture all around the city that ismind-blowing. But you will also notice that the old original form of architecture of the ancient people of Azerbaijan Tourism has still managed to find its place there.

It is almost an ideal middle spot between the western and oriental culture which embraces the best of both the cultures and assimilates them religiously.

Azerbaijan is the country almost floating on natural oil and gas and their capital Baku has managed to have epithets as the ‘city of fires’. You will have some modern office building in theshape of fire flames which adds excellent dimension to the city.  On the bank of Caspian Sea, you will enjoy the true flavor of ethnic dimensions of the medieval culture along with the genuine touch of modernity.

The stiff visa process has now gone simpler

Previously, Azerbaijan has a very convoluted visa process that used to make difficult for the visitors to have a frequent entry to their country. It also had a very negative impact on the overall tourism sector of the country. But the recently launched “ASAN .E-visa” online system, made the process more simple as they are allowing the people of the countries including the US, UK,and Australia, to apply and get a visa through Email. You can easily take the advantage of this process and avail your visa in the very simple way.

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Quality hotels of various ranges available all around the city

Let’s delve deeper into Azerbaijan Tourism! You will have no issues regarding the stay in the city as Baku offers you a lot of quality hotels in all over the city and that in various ranges as per affordable to you. Baku Day Tours have plenty of relaxations there and therefore you should not have any issue regarding your physical condition while you are traveling the city. You will have quality swimming pools and lounges to rejuvenate your body and you can avail mind-boggling cuisine from the restaurants of the hotel.

Now enjoy the city and have a stroll towards the Caspian Sea side

You can enjoy strolling in the city pavements in the morning towards the Caspian Seaside and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city. You will have “Baku Eye” Ferris wheel and Park Bulvar Mall on your way. The beautiful Caspian Waterfront building with its Petal-like points will also emerge on your way which will remind you the “Sails” of the Sydney Opera House. At the end of the road, you will reach national flag square with a flagpole that ranks largest in the world. The huge crystal hall built for Eurovision 2012 is also located there.

Have a nice day trip in Baku

Since the subway system in Baku is quite affordable, you can have a whole day trip quite easily whether it is to enjoy the grandeur of Fire Flame Towers or to enjoy the beautiful architecture of Zaha Hadid. You can have the best view of the flame Towers from the Azerbaijan Carpet museum and have a stroll in the old city of Baku which is declared as the World Heritage site by UNESCO since 2000, where you can enjoy the famous cat spot. After being exhausted completely you can have the taste of an Azeri cuisine in a roadside restaurant.

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