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Energy efficient lighting – It’s need and benefits

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Lighting is an important architectural element that can have a significant impact on the operations, efficiency and productivity in commercial spaces. The leading industrial lighting manufacturers assert that the quality and quantity of light not only guides wellness, safety, health and comfort of the people but also influences the financial and economic stance. Experts believe that the cost of lighting is a significant expenditure that all businesses have to bear. In fact, a report claims that lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the total power generation in the world.

Unfortunately, the power sector in developing countries like India is facing major challenges and can potentially face energy crisis. This has eventually surged the popularity and need of energy efficient lighting solutions.

What is energy efficient lighting?

Energy efficiency is typically referred to as the key practice of reducing the energy usage of the product without compromising on its final output or response. In the lighting domain, energy efficient lighting refers to the overall action plan that aims at reducing the electricity consumption of lighting appliances while ensuring supreme performance.

The top commercial lighting manufacturers claim that LED luminaires are the most energy efficient lighting devices currently available in the market. They are far superior in terms of performance and consume fairly lesser amount of electricity than their traditional counterparts like incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

What is the need of energy efficient lighting?

As mentioned earlier, lighting contributes significantly to the total electricity expenditure in commercial spaces. Using energy efficient lighting devices or LED lighting solutions can not only help authorities save substantial amount of money on electricity bills but it can also aid in saving and preserving the country’s precious natural resources.

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According to the Ministry of Power, Government of India, a major part of India’s electricity production is dependent on thermal power derived from non-renewable resources. The report states that nearly 62.8% of the electricity is generated by processing coal, lignite, gas or diesel in the country. Thus, the government is encouraging people to follow energy efficient practices and acknowledge the use of energy efficient lighting solutions like LED lighting or solar lighting.

What are the benefits of energy efficient lighting?

The leading LED lighting manufacturers assert that acknowledging energy efficient lighting solutions is leveraged with various personal, commercial, and economical benefits. Some of them include:

  • Unlike their traditional counterparts, LEDs convert almost 95% of electricity into illumination. This is largely helpful in curbing energy wastage.
  • LEDs are highly durable and typically savour a long operational life of almost 50,000 hours. This safeguards people against the hassle of untimely maintenance, replacements and repairs.
  • Installing solar lights is a sustainable way of fulfilling illumination needs in commercial or infrastructural facilities. In addition, solar lights by Wipro Lighting can also ensure the safety and wellness of the employees and workers in factory settings.

Energy efficiency is not just an option, but the need of the hour. In order to promote energy efficient lighting, the Government of India has also distributed more than 36 crore LED lights all across the country under the Ujala scheme, which has eventually helped in saving almost 47,000 mn kWh of energy.

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