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Educational Mobile App Ideas For Students in 2020

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The cell phone has become a necessity that is used for education and fun simultaneously. So Mobile Software Development Company has the opportunity to cash this for its clients. With online learning getting engaging and easy to retain, the apps can cater to a diverse audience with greater ease.

In January the investment in mobile learning was predicted to reach 37.8 billion USD, but with COVID, a whole new level is expected.  

Pre-School App

Taking young lads of 2-3 years to preparatory school is a battle of its own, that has further increased as COVID-19 has put a hold on admissions and classes. Considering the issue, here is the opportunity to let your kid learn through the admission preparation app. You can make them learn multiple lessons, giving them an edge when school opens. The easy to navigate app for small kids can be a challenge that mobile app development company needs to overcome.

Story-telling App

As it is said that best learning happens by storytelling that is the reason parents and grandparents of past use to have a bedtime session. The life is getting hectic, as even the Post COVID era will not have less work, but more work-from-home. Storytelling app can be among the educational mobile app ideas for students in 2020. Here you can make a podcast of your favorite stories or make your ones; saved in a pool of stories. It can be a poem type story or a theme story, as you can go wild with your imagination.

Puzzle App

For children aged 3-17 years with anxiety, that are approximately 4.4 million, more than 1 in 3 also have behavior problems (37.9%) and about 1 in 3 also have depression (32.3%) CDC GOVT

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Considering the mental health issues in kids, puzzle app can help them. With enhanced cognitive ability the puzzle app needs to generate interest by use of right animation and color combination. We understand color psychology and develop an app that is not only interesting to solve but has an interface that makes kids stick to the productive game. So, you have spare time to work on your pending task, while your child is having the best time of their lives that is healthy to their mind.

Audio Book App

Book reading is crucial for betterment in the learning curve, so we develop an audiobook app that is easy to use. As there is no need for downloading, so the hassle of downloading it to read offline is reduced. We develop an app that runs the summary and even a 400-page book without buffer. The audio quality is cross-checked by our quality assurance experts, so this important function delivers in the way you look for.

Dictionary App

Carrying a dictionary does not seem practical now, and there is no need, as a dictionary app is available. It is useful for people of all ages and is less time consuming as it is a giant search engine of words that you are looking for. The simplicity of the process makes words searching and their meanings easy. This could be intergraded with the language app, so you can learn meanings in different languages. It helps in getting a command on multiple languages at a time. The exact query understanding is managed by a chain of programming commands, so you do not need to work twice.

Study Time App

The students also have limited time today, with multiple subjects to study. So, we can develop an app that helps in managing time, giving young learners margin to manage many topics every day. The tracking of progress can be done, according to set parameters, helping one know the requirements to pace-up well. The note-taking app can be synchronized in the study time app, so a student has a one-for-all app. The teachers and parents can also keep a watch as we provide access to the interface in a different window. This enables guidance for success.  

You can share your requirements, so we provide you the best of the best education app that generate business while knowledge remains the main thing. We can work together to find your unique selling point and include it easily within an app. You can contact our team, to get details.

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