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Don’t miss these 8 awesome things Kasol does.

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On the banks of the Parvati Rivers, Kasol is adorned by mountains of forest and attracts thousands of visitors, both from home and abroad. In the Himachal Pradesh district, Kasol is located between Bhuntar and Manikaran. This hamlet is divided by a bridge east and west and is ideal for restoring body and mind. With its exquisite beauty, Kasol is breathtaking. You will also enjoy some of the most adventurous events in the valley as well as mountain views. While Kasol is rich, most travelers prefer eight activities.

  1. Kheerganga Trek Cruises on tricky roads

The Kheer Ganga Trek is certainly Kasol’s leading adventure tour. On the way, you will meet green intelligent hills when you are walking 9 km long. When the Kheer Ganga is at the top, you’re accompanied by mystical waves, between pine trees and apple trees. Snow-covered mountains create a beautiful atmosphere in which to remember you forever. At the peak of Lord Shiva, there is a temple, where you can swim in thermal baths. There are also hippies worldwide in Kasol Kheerganga Trek.

  1. Tosh: Visit the traditional village

Tosh is known as a traditional village at 2,400 meters above sea level by thousands of tourists every year. Tosh is decorated with cannabis plantations and offers an amazing view of mountains adorning with the Himalayan foliage. Tosh enriches you genuinely with the experience of the genuine culture of Himachal Pradesh. Besides the most famous cafés, Tosh is renowned for its amazing homestays. The Kasol cafés represent a lot of Israelis, due to the huge number of people who travel during the year. This is one of the main products of Kasol.

  1. Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara seek blessings 

Manikaran is considered to be located about 6 km from Kasol in its famous Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara. This gurdwara is an obligatory destination for those visiting Kasol, located on the river Beas. You are supposed to be able to remove all your sins and misdeeds by the heat in the Gurdwara. The Langar can also be visited. The food is delicious in Gurdwara. The tranquility of the region certainly surprises you.

  1. Enjoy the Moon Dance Cafe here with Friends

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Kasol with your mates, Moon Dancing Coffee should top your list. This café has a wonderful view of the mountains and valleys surrounding it. This café, which is popular with many, offers you the opportunity to have a nice conversation. If you’re here for breakfast, you’ll have to sample dishes such as bread rolls and scrambled eggs. Even if other cafés are better, the Moon Dance Cafe does have its own authenticity and elegance.

  1. Festival Shangri-La Parvati: Wait & Enjoy.
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The recently famous Shangri-La Parvati Festival is an annual festival that takes place annually in Kasol. In this festival, you are in a psychedelic trance that attracts animals from different parts of the world. It’s just enough to internalize your mood with the best D Js and artists who play rhythms together. The music of international artists can also be heard. This is one of the best things Gasol can do while in Kasol at night at the end of the year.

  1. Malana: Old city visit.

The other name Malana, situated approximately 21 km from Kasol, is lonely. Malana is said to be the world’s oldest democracy and is separate from everywhere else. Since you have no way to Malana, you have to climb steeply. During your visit to Kasol, you must meet culture here.

  1. A Parvati Pass Trek to A Thriller Pin:

The Parvati Pass Trek Pin is the ideal place for mountaineers to see action and excitement at the same time. Only this 100 km long route is recommended for experienced trekkers. Go along the lovely Parvati Valley scenery and enjoy the scenery of the steep mountains of the Pin Valley. You can all enjoy this walk, be it in the grassy wilderness always or in thick forests. Also, as you continue your trek, you will see a little change in the colors of nature. Trekking is certainly one of the best things in Kasol Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Naggar: good fishing

If you want outdoor activities, fishing is Naggar’s best idea for you. The Naggar Castle, located about 58 kilometers from Kasol, is considered to be home to it. Here you can go fishing on the banks of the Beas River. To profit from this, visit Naggar Castle after fishing.

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